Creative Workforce of the Future

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The Future of Creativity Redefined

We are living through a fundamental workforce transformation during which digital technology has begun to alter the skills companies are looking for. In collaboration with the Creative Technology & Design subject area, FIT’s Center for Continuing and Professional Studies (CCPS) is creating a series of certificate programs and specialized courses that are forward-thinking. Our mission is to initiate a transformative journey for creatives worldwide so they can design a better future for all of us in the digital age. FIT Alumni get a 10% discount on the Certificate Programs listed below.

A New Pedagogy for Distance Learning

Synchronous and Collaborative Remote Experiential Learning (SCREL™) is a new approach for online education developed by award-winning educators C.J. Yeh and Christie Shin. Unlike traditional online learning which is isolated and passive, SCREL™ methodology enables real-time human interactions, hands-on experiential learning, and remote collaboration. These badge and certificate programs simulate the workflow of global teamwork, which is becoming a standard in the creative industry. All SCREL™ programs are taught by top industry professionals and limited to 14 students or less to maximize your learning and engagement time with faculty and experts.

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UX/UI Master Certification

Earn a UX/UI Master Certification from FIT by completing the following certificate programs: 

User Experience (UX) Design

An 8-week career accelerator certificate tailored for creative professionals such as graphic designers and web designers who are looking to advance their career in the exciting field of user experience (UX) design.

User Interface (UI) Design

This certificate program, tailored for creative professionals, is an 8-week career accelerator that gives you the hands-on experience to prepare for a career in user interface (UI) design.

UX/UI Master Certification

Learn job searching techniques, interview skills, and portfolio design guidelines from top UX and UI professionals in the world. You will also learn how to tackle design interview challenges and exercises.

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Design for Social Impact

This 8-week certificate program enables designers to recognize and embrace the power they hold to create designs that empower those who are underserved, voiceless, and marginalized in society.

Digital Experience Design Master Certification

Earn a Digital Experience Design Master Certification from FIT by completing the following certificate programs: Motion Graphics Level I, Unity XR: AR, MR, VR Development, and Front-end Website Development Fundamentals.

Motion Graphics Level I

This 8-week certificate program will give you the fundamental skills and teach you the time-based design principles to allow you to bring your creativity to life using Adobe After Effects.

Unity XR: AR, MR, VR Development

This 10-week certificate program is designed for creative professionals who have little or no previous experience in XR but are interested in how to bring their ideas onto these new platforms.

Front-end Website Development Fundamentals

Through this 6-week certificate program, you'll learn to build responsive websites as well as best practices for web page design using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and jQuery as well as industry-standard tools such as GitHub and Sublime Text.

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Unity Essentials: Intro to Interactive Environments

This 3-week badge course introduces the fundamentals of Unity, the industry-standard cross-platform game engine, which is being used for building interactive 3D environments for video gaming, film, automotive, architecture, engineering, real estate, and construction.

Branding and Digital Transformation Master Certification

Earn a Branding and Digital Transformation Master Certification from FIT by completing the following certificate programs: Dynamic Branding, Sonic Branding, and Data-Driven Design for Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Dynamic Branding

This 2-week immersive Summer noncredit certificate program introduces the theories, principles, and skills of dynamic brand design and strategy.

Sonic Branding

This 10-week certificate program is designed to educate branding professionals on the discipline of the use of sound as a strategic communication tool. This course introduces the theories, principles, methodologies, and technologies of sonic branding.

Data-Driven Design for Digital Marketing and Social Media

In this 8-week certificate program, you will work in interdisciplinary teams to develop a book building case study across a campaign lifecycle. You’ll learn to leverage social and digital analytics tools from defining measurable business goals to insight gathering and audience segmentation, to creative campaign development, to create A/B optimization tests.

Other Creative Tech & Design Certificate Programs

Introduction to 3D Printing for Designers

Create a functional working prototype in this 6-week certificate course. Learn all that 3D printing has to offer you and your business.

Introduction to Browzwear's VStitcher

In this 6-week certificate course, you will learn VStitcher with Browzwear 3D and the Open Platform. More creative designs. Faster time to market. Less waste. All the benefits of a digital workflow.

Introduction to CLO's 3D Garment Visualization

Design a variety of garments with complicated pattern pieces and construction. Improve the quality of your designs by checking the silhouette and fit sooner in the development process. Reduce design prep time and dive into the design process right away after this 8-session certificate course.

Professional Type and Typography

This 6-week certificate course is for new creatives who need to create and prepare professional-level documents for print and screen. Through the use of weekly design projects, students will come to understand and appreciate type, and learn how to coax the best results from Adobe InDesign, the industry standard of page layout.

Computerized Patternmaking—Gerber Accumark PDS

This 6-week certificate course is designed to help industry professionals such as patternmakers and technical designers learn Gerber Accumark PDS, a computerized pattern design program. The basics of system management, digitizing, plotting, and pattern development are introduced using Gerber Accumark PDS.

Other Computer Software Noncredit Courses

Computer Training: Design (Adobe programs, Rhino, Zbrush, Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup Pro)

Computer Training: Patternmaking (Gerber, CLO3D, Browzwear, Orchid)