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two film makersFIT offers a four-year degree in Film and Media. Students must start with the Associate in Applied Science (AAS), then move on to a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Film and Media.

The two-year AAS curriculum teaches the basics, including:

  • digital film camera operation
  • introduction to film history
  • introductory audio recording techniques
  • narrative and documentary storytelling
  • post-production editing and digital effects

The two-year BS curriculum, which culminates in a film thesis project, offers more intensive, professional courses focusing on:

  • advanced cinematography
  • film theory and media studies
  • advanced color correction techniques
  • making short and feature films
  • producing and directing films
  • completing an internship at a production company, television studio, web company, or with a prestigious filmmaker

Students may participate in a study abroad program in their junior year.

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