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Past Events

The Future is Multi-Sensory: Welcome to the Age of Sensory Branding
Moderators:  C.J. Yeh,  Christie Shin  /  Panelists:  Audrey Arbeeny,  Virginia Bonofiglio

FITxGoogle: Collaborate, Meet, and Work Remotely
Speaker:  Sixcia Devine

FITxGoogle: Use YouTube To Grow Your Business
Speaker:  Sixcia Devine

The Future is Data-Driven: Marketing, Social Media Engagement, and Experience Design in the Age of Big Data
Moderators:  C.J. Yeh,  Christie Shin  /  Panelists:  Vanessa Bidetti,  Jemal Gulum,  Chris Ee

The Future is Collaborative: Remote Collaboration for UX, UI, and Brand Experience Design
Moderators:  C.J. Yeh,  Christie Shin  /  Panelists:  Emily Frost,  Ester Zar,  Ricardo Medina

FITxGoogle: Power Your Job Search With Google During Times of Crisis
Speaker:  Sixcia Devine