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Successful professionals, working within creative industries, recognize the need and leverage the competitive advantages for lifelong learning. Credit courses at FIT, designed to elevate skill sets across diverse areas of study, are the ideal solution to distinguish your resume, upgrade and update your job skills, progress toward completing a degree, or obtain the credentials you need for your next promotion.

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We offer even more choices with hands-on practical skills and creative discovery.

SUNY-Accredited Certificate Programs

A certificate tells the world you've attained proficiency and professionalism in your field. It's a credential that demonstrates you're able to meet the demands of the industry and the consumer. Employers consider credit certificates a valuable asset, adding to a job candidate’s marketability. For those seeking to develop or enhance specialized skills by learning the latest technical or professional techniques, FIT offers several competency-based credit certificate programs.

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Amp up your business acumen, dive deep into design, tap into today's technology, or learn through liberal arts; credit study can help you take your career and personal journey to the next level.