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Introduction to 3D Printing for Designers Outline

Session 1

Course Introduction and Objectives / Understanding Digital Fabrication / Introduction into Parametric Modeling

      • Course introduction and objectives
      • Review of additive manufacturing vs traditional production techniques
      • Overview of 3D modeling industry
      • Introduction to 3D modeling: Choosing the right CAD program for your needs
      • Parametric modeling with CAD
      • Accessing SolidWorks

Session 2

3D Modeling Basics / Making a Name Plate/Pendant

      • Introduction to 3D Printing methods
      • Parametric modeling basic operations: Extrusions, Revolves, and Cuts

Session 3

CAD Virtual Modeling with Design Constraints for 3D Printing / Making a Chain

      • Designing prototypes while meeting 3D printing requirements
      • Parametric modeling basics: Sweeps and Patterning

Session 4

3D Modeling / Making a Ring/Chess Piece / Overview of 3D Repositories / Modifying Open Source Files

      • Complex 3D modeling techniques
      • Accessing and Manipulating 3D repositories to create working prototypes

Session 5

PrintFX Orientation / Slicing Software

      • Types of filaments and their demands on 3D modeling
      • Preparing files through slicing software
      • Cost and time analysis of 3D printing
      • Makerbot/Ultimaker operations
      • Submitting files to 3D print with multiple bodies

Session 6

Finishing Techniques / Advance 3D Modeling

    • Sanding and finishing choices for your models
    • A brief overview of more complex 3D modeling systems
    • Utilizing 3D printing solutions outside of the classroom