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Tools of the Trade: Fashion Design

TOT 102 Assessing Your Market
The most important research that designers can do is assess their potential market. Whether you are looking for your perfect product niche or analyzing competing collections, the market research you do positions your business for success. 

TOT 103 Fabrics 101
Designing a collection starts with fabric knowledge. Learn how to identify different types of fabric, their uses, and properties and how these affect your designs. We will discuss wholesale and retail fabric purchasing and trends.

TOT 104 Line Sheets, Look Books, and Sales Collateral
The most important aspect of establishing your brand is providing sales materials that convey the image you are trying to create. From line sheets to look books, this course will present strategies for increasing sales while preventing unnecessary duplication of your valuable design concepts. From models and photographers to stylists and printers, we will provide an overview of the tools you need to create the branded image you want to achieve.

TOT 105 Finding the Right Supplier
Take advantage of all the new opportunities in sourcing and supply chain management available to the small designer. Review manufacturing opportunities and resources available in New York City from sampling through production. Global opportunities the internet has made available to the small designer will be discussed.

TOT 106 Sales, Marketing, and PR
This course will show you how to create a press kit, where opportunities are, and how your company can benefit. Learn how to write press releases and how to send your product to editors. 

TOT 108 Selling and Marketing Your Product Online
Today's fashion market strongly relies on the internet. This course discusses the advantages of having your product available online and shows you how to get it there.

TOT 113 Build Your Business on Instagram
Learn how to maximize your reach, retention and sell-through by optimizing your posts, hashtags, interactions, automation, content visuals, paid posts, social media influencer partnerships, and other habits of high-growth Instagram accounts. Anyone can grow a business on Instagram, it just requires the right knowledge. 

TOT 114 Influencer Marketing
This course will demystify the process of influencer marketing and give you the tools and data-based strategies that successful start-ups and consumer-facing brands practice to drive results and growth. We will also delve into more advanced topics, such as what are the most effective analytics tools to identify the right influencers, how to craft a great pitch, talent agency relations, contract management, micro-influencers, gifting, and product strategies. 

TOT 115 How to Sell on Amazon
Entrepreneurs are discovering that selling on Amazon offers an effective and profitable business opportunity. Learn how to discover your niche, source your product, and launch your business in this information-packed introductory session.

Tools of the Trade: Finance

TOT 310 Elements of Pricing
Why does one t-shirt cost $10, while another costs $100? It's the combination of the brand, product availability, and pricing strategy. Connecting your brand with the customer's "reason to buy" is the quintessential key to robust sales. In this course, you will learn how to build the brand and pricing process, from customer profiles to budgeting and costing. Knowing when the "price is right" will maximize your profits while creating a solid and adoring core audience for your product.