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Course Descriptions


SXE 100 Introduction to Events Planning and Publicity
If you are a freelance event specialist, an executive responsible for PR and promotion, or a person who is organized and super creative, take this course to discover how meaningful events are created, using the latest publicity tools. Find out how events build buzz for fashion and consumer products, services, and brands for clients, corporate needs, or your own happenings. Learn how to conduct a pitch meeting to convey your concepts.

Instructor: Barbara Berman, BB’s Backstage Fashion Show and Event Services, celebrity wardrober.

SXE 110 Fashion Events Planning Summer Intensive
Learn professional events-planning fundamentals through real-world experiences in just three action-packed days. Perfect for people with limited time, this program highlights the fashion events planner’s job, publicity tools, and the diversity of potential work opportunities, such as fashion shows, charity functions, and promotional events. The coordination of a successful event is taught through a series of hands-on exercises and special trips into the field. Conduct a client pitch meeting and be coached by industry professionals.

Certificate candidates: SXE 110 can be substituted for SXE 100. Some additional expense possible, up to $15.

Instructor: Barbara Berman, BB’s Backstage Fashion Show and Event Services, celebrity wardrober.

SXE 150 Events: How to Go from Planning to Staging
(Formerly called SXM 345 How to Go from Planning to Staging a Winning Event)
Get a thorough grounding in how to take an event from planning through execution, be it a private party, corporate event, trade show, or charity social. All of the components necessary for a successful event are examined, from sponsorships to promotional integration. Setting and meeting event objectives, allocating resources, working as a team, and making realistic budget projections are discussed. How to establish a preferred vendor contact list is included.

Instructor: Wilberte Paul, senior events producer.

SXE 200 Events: Communications and Social Media Strategies
(Formerly called SXE 210 Event Communications and Social Media Strategies)
This workshop covers every aspect of winning events communications, from eye-catching, save-the-date cards and invitations to compelling pitch letters, press bulletins, emails, and the right social media mix to promote yourself and your event. Special attention is given to deciding what form of communications is called for based on event purpose and style. Learn how to outsource to printers, manage time and content when posting, and attract and satisfy clients.

Instructor: Fabrizio Babino, branding, marketing, and PR specialist

SXE 250 Events: Everything You Need to Know about Fashion Shows, from Startup to Runway
(Formerly called SXM 400 Everything you Need to Know about Fashion Shows, from Start-Up to Runway)
Get a firsthand look at the ins and outs of fashion show production. Learn about showroom presentations and major Fashion Week runways. Information includes how to work with designers, stylists, public relations firms, and producers in this ever-changing and pivotal marketing tool arena.

Instructor: Barbara Berman, BB’s Backstage Fashion Show and Event Services, celebrity wardrober.

SXE 275 Events: Everything You Need to Know about Venues: From Editors' Previews to Afterparties
(Formerly called SXM 440 Everything You Need to Know About Venues, From Editor's Previews to Afterparties)
After the concept and budget, location venue is the next most important piece of the event puzzle. This course provides a remote tour of a variety of New York event venues where you discover what is unique to each location. Learn the importance of venue selection, receive tips on venue contracts, and become familiar with what to ask in relation to budget. Learn how to assist clients by helping them make great choices for their event location, while staying within budget limits. Venue checklists, walkthroughs, and appropriate choices are stressed, as well as how to coordinate productive meetings with venue management. Included is a special look at cool factor digital innovations such as drones.

Instructor: Lolita Alford, home and event decor specialist.

SXE 280 Events: Virtual and Live Fashion Show Presentations
(Formerly called SXM 405 Five-Star Fashion Show Production with Limited Resources)
Freelancers, expand your business services to local retailers, malls, and nonprofits by learning the fundamentals of professional fashion show production. Discover how to produce an exciting theatrical show with a proper presentation of clothing and accessories on live models. Information includes how to pick a theme, plan, select professional or volunteer models, and pull merchandise. Back-of-show set-up, staging, and execution how-to are covered. Coursework requires you to present a show concept through an iMovie format.

Instructor: Terance Coffee, adjunct instructor, Advertising and Marketing Communications; event planner and stylist.

SXE 300 Events: Designing and Developing Your Signature Design
(Formerly called SXE 275 Events Designing: Developing a Signature Look)
This dynamic program teaches eventers how to create their own signature design style to attract clients and distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Learn to select the best colors and fabrics suitable for event categories and to budget for ceiling drape, backdrops, table linens, chair décor, and accents. Meet notable event pros, suppliers, and party planners, who share their own concepts and insider secrets. Create a digital mood board to use as a planning tool, ready to pitch to a client. Students can bring their own laptop or tablet for the digital project.

Instructor: Adam Shorsten, owner, A-List Events, high-end fashion and entertainment events. 

SXE 310 Events Pitch Workshop
Create your own pitch in response to a request for a proposal. This real-world simulation provides an opportunity to do “portfolio”-level work worthy of securing actual assignments. Go through all the steps necessary to create an “in-store” event and submit material to the media as previously learned. Meet remotely with the capstone advisors, who introduce the proposal, course assignment, and use of Insta-story. Work on your own communicating with the capstone advisors by email or text when needed. Pitch your event on the last night as you would to a client.

Instructors: Barbara Berman, BB’s Backstage Fashion Show and Event Services, celebrity wardrober; Dalia Strum, founder RethinkConnect, experiential marketing consultant; podcast host, Content is Your Business and One QuestionXYZ; digital marketing expert.