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Course Descriptions


SXY 100 Introduction to Data Analytics
Discover the role data analytics and digital marketing play in the transformation of today’s retail sector. Learn about data measurement tools that drive strategic decisions around digital marketing campaigns. Explore performance marketing, social listening, and user insights through lectures and exercises and take a look at digital advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook. Discuss best practices to motivate user behavior to increase sales.

Instructor:  Dalia Strum, founder RethinkConnect; experiential marketing consultant; podcast host, Content is Your Business and DecisionMakers; and digital marketing expert.

SXY 155 Predictive Analytics: Breakthrough Customer Trend Insight
(Formerly called SXY 154 Breakthrough Customer Trendspotting: Predictive Analytics)
Increase your ability to use data effectively to make strong business decisions, using cutting-edge techniques for planning, forecasting, and marketing. This beyond-the-basics course concentrates on use of Excel and R, one of the most powerful applications for statistical computing, machine learning, and data visualization. Go from data usage fundamentals to machine learning and statistical modeling, including concepts and processes. Learn to narrow your focus, adjust historical data for seasonality and trend analysis, and conduct social media mining and market basket analysis. Experience which data is useful for which challenge and how to extract smart conclusions.

Instructor: Ardalan Jalayer, adjunct professor, Mathematics; creator, Jalayer Academy YouTube tutorial channel for data analytics; statistical business consultant; and award-winning academic researcher.

SXY 210 Web Analytics: Maximizing Customer Intelligence from Social, Mobile, and E-Commerce
The collection, analysis, and reporting of website, mobile, and social media data related to customer behavior and preference is paramount. This workshop introduces contemporary data analytic terminology and digital marketing techniques, and how to identify and measure them. Case studies related to fashion businesses help make course information easy to grasp and use. Program includes search engine marketing, website optimization, link-marketing strategies, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, email marketing tactics, affiliate marketing, demographic profiles, landing pages, digital formats, software options for web mining, analyzing click-stream data, and the key metrics for measuring consumer behavior.

Instructor: Joshua Rockoff, chief digital and omni-channel executive; pioneer in the world of retail digital transformation, omni-channel, e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retails, and consumer marketing.

SXY 300 Data Analytics: The Powerful Business Strategy Tool
This is an interactive workshop to experience how to make data-driven decisions. Practice using data and participate in developing a recommendation for a major business strategy in a "real-world" retail case problem as you learn to translate numbers into actions— all desired skill sets for today's market. SXY 300 uses both Excel and Tableau software and requires strong Excel knowledge. It is the capstone course in the Data Analytics certificate. 

Instructor: Ardalan Jalayer, adjunct professor, Mathematics, creator Jalayer Academy, YouTube tutorial channel for data analytics, statistical business consultant, award winning academic researcher; with Claira Zambon Versland, international fashion retail executive, fashion marketing and consumer behavior consultant.