I am . We are .

Andrea Reyes - Adjunct Professor, International Trade & Marketing and Student Interns: Ella Whipple - Fashion Business Management, Edvina Ikeljic - International Trade and Marketing, Kalina Przywozny - International Trade and Marketing, Giovanna Sarno - International Trade and Marketing.

We will reconnect, reimagine, and re-identify ourselves through the I am ________. We are
________. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Time Capsule Project. Inspired by FITs current messaging, FIT is Undaunted, Unstoppable, Unafraid, Unbeatable, etc. students will participate in workshops and video record themselves answering self-identity questions. The unedited videos will be stored at the FIT library archive for future students to learn the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the time. Edited work will be used in a variety of outlets
throughout the virtual world and on campus.