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FIT in Italy

Study Fashion Design, Fashion Business Management, or take a liberal arts course in Florence or Milan.

Semester Abroad

Study abroad for a full semester. View programs by major and country. 

Summer/Winter Abroad

Short on time? No problem! Study abroad during a shorter summer or winter session.

Programs Outside FIT

More study abroad programs are offered through the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) and the SUNY system.

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International Programs

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Study Abroad Learning Goals 

Students will:

  • Explore the subject matter in a different cultural context
  • Develop awareness of cross-cultural understandings between cultural perspectives of their own and those of the specific location
  • Analyze multi-cultural understandings within a global context by examining inter-connectedness of local, global, international, and intercultural systems
  • Gain an understanding of self and students’ own identities within a global context
  • Develop self-awareness of ethnocentrism and learn to be inclusive and appreciative of  different cultures
  • Enhance intercultural competencies, such as the ability to communicate effectively, civilly, and appropriately in different cultural settings
  • Engage in cross-cultural interactions academically, professionally, and socially
  • Practice and understand sustainability issues as they relate to the course content and study abroad experience (if applicable)
  • Be encouraged to think creatively and practice innovation as it relates to the course content and study abroad experience (if applicable)
  • Enhance understanding of social justice issues and practices in different cultural settings