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Calendar of Events

Educational Skills

Language Exchanges

Practice a Second Language with a Native Speaker

Monday, 2/22, 5-6pm EST
Tuesday, 3/2, 1-2pm EST
Monday, 3/8, 5-6pm EST
Tuesday, 3/16, 1-2pm EST
Tuesday, 3/23, 1-2pm EST
Tuesday, 4/6, 1-2pm EST
Monday, 4/12, 5-6pm EST

All meetings via Webex. For more information, contact [email protected]

Social Sciences / Presidential Scholars Program

World Affairs Lecture

Seeking Tomorrow: Women’s Agency and Murders in Turkey

Thursday, April 15, 12-1:30pm

Busra Erkara, writer and editor based in Istanbul, Turkey, in conversation with Souzeina Mushtaq, Assistant Professor (visiting), Communication and Media Studies, University of Wisconsin, River Falls

For more information and Webex link, contact [email protected]

SUNY Distinguished Academy Inaugural Webinar

Health & Wellness in the Age of COVID: A Call to Action for Higher Education

Thursday, April 15, 2021 – 3:00 to 5:00pm

Lifestyle behaviors have long accounted for more than 70% of chronic diseases in the U.S., but the ongoing pandemic has focused an intense spotlight on how these preventable conditions – not age – are the main drivers of serious illness. Individuals with Covid-19 are 6-times more likely to be hospitalized and 12-times more likely to die when they have underlying conditions that include obesity, heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes. We are at a tipping point in healthcare where the paradigm must shift from emphasizing treatment to an equally intense focus on promoting lifestyle behaviors, especially healthy nutrition, and diet. This shift can not only prevent and reverse chronic disease, but promote resilience to Covid-19 and future challenges.

This webinar will showcase how wellness and lifestyle medicine can promote the sustainability of SUNY students, staff, faculty, and community especially when external challenges, like Covid-19, have had a disproportionate impact on people of color, and individuals with chronic, underlying disease. We will identify the components of lifestyle medicine that contribute to healthy longevity, namely healthy eating, physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, positive social connections, and avoidance of risky substances. We will recognize the ability of a healthy diet, composed primarily of whole plant foods, to prevent, treat, and reverse many chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. We will examine how SUNY can promote wellness and healthy longevity, and address health disparities, through proactive student and faculty efforts in partnership with national and local organizations.

Please visit https://sunycpd.eventsair.com/QuickEventWebsitePortal/suny-da-2021/site to register and view the agenda. If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]. The SUNY Distinguished Academy Board looks forward to your participation as we continue to raise the profile of the State University of New York and the SUNY Distinguished Academy.

Art History and Museum Professions

Art as Impact: Dialogues on Art Advocacy, Educational Initiatives, and Social Justice

Art as Impact is a two-part conversation series featuring three creative professionals in the field of art, Theresa Sotto, Veronica Alvarez, and Carli Beseau. These programs are meant to spark conversation around; what kind of practices can create a more inclusive college community through exhibitions, programming, and resources? How can we bridge college communities and public art projects together when addressing ideas of creating spaces for conversations around social justice? Designed to inspire faculty and students at the Fashion Institute of Technology and beyond, the panel aims to engage the audience in conversations and to help create more awareness around the importance of creating more space for dialogue to flourish in institutions like Universities, museums, and public communities. The two events facilitate dialogues of social justice and change that can be emulated through exhibiting, programming, and education.

This series was organized and designed by FIT Art History and Museum Professions student, Angelica Pomar 21'.

Tuesday April 20, 6-7pm: In conversation with Theresa Sotto and Veronica Alvarez. This conversation will discuss the intersection of education and justice, along with how one can be an activist through art, and the importance of being socially engaged on a University campus.

Tuesday, April 27, 6-7pm: In conversation with Carli Beseau. This conversation will talk about the role of an arts professional and what it means to be an artist advocate. We'll also discuss Carli's experience supporting a community of artists even amidst the Pandemic.

Click for additional information and RSVP.

English and Communication Studies

Decolonizing the Creative Classroom: A Faculty Workshop in Inclusive Pedagogy

Felicia Rose Chavez

Friday, April 23, 1-2:30pm

Students need a classroom community to which they can belong and feel safe. As educators we need to verbalize our anti-racist and inclusive agenda in clear, unapologetic language - language that opens doors instead of closes them. In this interactive 90-minute session featuring personal story, freewriting exercises, and discussion, Felicia Rose Chavez will prompt participants to reflect on and evaluate the values implicit in their classroom leadership styles. We will aim to articulate our approach to teaching in revised syllabi and course materials.

Felicia Rose Chavez is an award-winning educator with an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Iowa. She is author of The Anti-Racist Writing Workshop: How to Decolonize the Creative Classroom  and co-editor of The BreakBeat Poets Volume 4: LatiNEXT with Willie Perdomo and Jose Olivarez. Felicia has taught at the University of New Mexico, the University of Iowa, and Colorado College. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, she currently serves as the Creativity and Innovation Scholar-in-Residence at Colorado College.

For more information contact Amy Lemmon, [email protected]
Workshop to be held via WebEx: please click to RSVP

Microaggressions in the Classroom: How to Interact with Students to Promote Equity and Inclusion

Dr. Tina M. Harris

Friday, April 30, 1-2:30pm

Sometimes students may experience even well-intentioned interactions as microaggressions, which make them feel excluded or “othered.” In this combined seminar and workshop for faculty across the college, Dr. Tina M. Harris will present examples of bias, prejudice, and microaggressions and provide strategies to promote equity and inclusion in the classroom.  Building upon discussions held in the FIT Equity and Inclusion Workshop Series, this event is an opportunity for faculty to further share, reflect, and develop ways to implement inclusive classroom communication.

Dr. Tina M. Harris is the Endowed Chair of Race, Media, and Cultural Literacy at the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University. She is a prominent scholar and educator of Intercultural Communication. Her areas of expertise are Interracial Communication, Race and Media, and Racial Social Justice. She has hundreds of publications as books, book chapters, and articles in the most prominent journals of Intercultural Communication. Dr. Harris has numerous national and international conference presentations, invited talks, and media appearances, including CNN, as a leading expert in her field. Her position at Louisiana University is established specifically to promote racial equity and inclusivity in and outside the classroom across the campus.

For more information contact Dr. Nurhayat Bilge, [email protected]
Please click to RSVP

Modern Languages and Cultures

A Conversation with Puerto Rican writer, poet and filmmaker living in the Dominican Republic, Pedro Cabiya

One of the most relevant figures in the Hispanic Caribbean today. A prolific writer and cultural producer, he has written short story collections, poetry, novels, and hard-boiled graphic novels, many of which have acquired cult status.

Thursday, April 29, 4-6pm

In Spanish/ En español

Join us by Webex. For more information, contact [email protected]

Liberal Arts School meetings

Tuesday 2/9
Tuesday 3/9
Tuesday 4/13
Tuesday 5/11

All at 1-2pm by Google Meet. Invitations were sent out to all full time faculty.
Please contact [email protected] if you wish to attend the meeting.

Liberal Arts Chairs meetings

Thursday 1/28
Thursday 2/11
Thursday 2/25
Thursday 3/11
Thursday 3/25
Thursday 4/8
Thursday 4/22
Thursday 5/6

All at 10:30-12 by Google Meet. Invitations were sent out to the Chairs and Ass't Chairs.