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Global Fashion Management

Images of Students in the Global Fashion Management Program

An International Education on Three Continents

FIT's Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Global Fashion Management prepares emerging fashion executives for top managerial and leadership positions in the international fashion industry. Offered by FIT in collaboration with Institut Français de la Mode in Paris, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Centro in Mexico City, the program provides a global faculty and access to facilities and industry affiliates of four major institutions on three continents. The international faculty and student body constitute a global network

Intensive seminars on each campus are a defining feature of the Global Fashion Management experience.  Each seminar is customized to build understanding of the interrelated segments of the international fashion business and illuminate the strategic vision and technology that drive companies in the sector. Leadership, cross-cultural understanding, and the challenges of the global marketplace are studied in depth, as are the skills required to build and manage international teams and organizations. 

Students in the FIT program complete the degree in 22 months. Classes are held three evenings per week, allowing industry professionals to work while earning this advanced degree. Interactive and flexible, the course formats range from lectures and case studies to individual and team projects, presentations by guest speakers, and site visits. The curriculum emphasizes leadership, applied creativity, problem solving, and analytical thinking along with effective writing and presentation skills.

This selective program is open to candidates with a minimum of three years of professional experience in retail, design, marketing and merchandising, import/export, technology, fashion journalism, supply chain, or other related fields. For those applying from outside the fashion industry, relevant experience in business or the creative fields is required. Please see Essential Program Information.


  • This MPS program's focus on the fashion industry is unique among graduate business degrees in the United States.
  • The program takes place in four cities: The Chelsea neighborhood of New York City at The Fashion Institute of Technology; Paris, at the Institut Français de la Mode; Hong Kong, at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; and Centro in Mexico City.
  • The MPS degree program offers comprehensive, industry-focused classes that examine business, economic, cultural, creative, and technological trends.
  • The international roster of faculty comes from both industry and academia.
  • Students have extensive networking opportunities that span the globe.

The Program

The Master of Professional Studies in Global Fashion Management is a 45-credit graduate program with an innovative curriculum and distinctive classroom locations at FIT in New York, the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Centro in Mexico City. FIT students study at the New York City Campus, taking 10 day to two-week intervals each semester to attend off-campus seminars with colleagues from partner institutions.

The curriculum addresses the current and multi-faceted demands of fashion industry brands, retailers, and consulting companies by offering focused, relevant, and far-sighted content. The program builds expertise in five crucial areas, as follows:

Global Experience and Intercultural Understanding. Immersive seminars, conducted with international partners, are defining elements of the curriculum. Examining best practices and innovative solutions for industry worldwide, these intensive seminars feature creative and business professionals, as well as experts in science, humanities, politics and other relevant disciplines, whose perspectives impact, influence, inform and inspire students.

Each seminar has a specific focus, so that in total the seminars cover the rich array of topics relevant to the industry. The Paris seminar examines luxury fashion and immersion in the culture that invented haute couture. Immediately following, the Italy seminar offers a comparison of the historical fashion systems of that country and France. The Hong Kong seminar, which includes field study in China, focuses on the textile and apparel production process. In Mexico, subjects include emerging markets and retail models, artisanal traditions, and contemporary design culture. And in New York, the seminar explores technology, entrepreneurship, sustainable practices, retail and distribution channel innovation, and business model transformation. 

Financial and Managerial Proficiency. Executive management positions require an understanding of income statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss reports, in addition to theoretical and applied management theory and analysis.  Courses in these topics, tailored to be accessible to individuals with creative backgrounds, are led by MBA-trained professionals with practical experience and exemplary teaching credentials. 

Fluency with New Technologies and Data Analytics.  The industry depends ever more intensively on technology and advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence.  The curriculum includes courses covering these topics, and students have additional opportunities to experiment and build skills in FIT’s Innovation Labs. 

Entrepreneurship.  As the industry embeds entrepreneurship within existing organizational structures and encourages development of new ventures, awareness of related tools and strategies is essential. Courses covering creative ideation, data and market-study research, effective business and marketing plans, and practical investment strategies address these subjects. 

Sustainable principles and the Circular Economy.  Responsible practices are a growing concern in the industry.  The curriculum examines the ways in which these new demands influence the shift from traditional industry practices, including greater investment in locally made products, improved production technology, and heightened awareness of waste and untenable consumer demand.

The Capstone Thesis. The curriculum builds a broad understanding of the social, cultural, and economic factors influencing sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, and consumer demand, providing a foundation for a comprehensive capstone project. This research project, examining a topic of personal importance and/or commercial viability, may lead to a product launch or publication.  Advice on intellectual property and related issues is provided via a collaborative clinic, which matches FIT students with peers from The Cardozo School of Law. Completed in the final semester of the program and formally presented before a panel of industry experts, the Capstone is a summation of the program’s components, including creative and leadership skills as well as a command of the global business, economic, and technological concerns of the 21st century.

Graduates of the GFM program are part of a global network, prepared to navigate a world of limitless opportunity and lead the industry in establishing and implementing best practices. Some alumni advance in their own companies, while others transition to positions in new enterprises. Our alumni occupy leadership positions in the industry in categories including VP, Global Supply Chain; VP, Retail and Operations; Private Client Relationship Manager; Design and Production Manager; and Design Director. The companies they represent range from early-stage and entrepreneurial ventures to established American brands such as Macy’s, Saks, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, Farfetch, Brooks Brothers, Global Brands Group, Mansur Gavriel and NPD Group, and European luxury houses including Chanel, Dior, Hermes and Ferragamo.

Each city is a world center of a specific aspect of the fashion industry. An intensive ten-day seminar in each city explores that specialty:

  • New York: Retail, finance, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and digital and AI technology
  • Paris: Historical and contemporary luxury industry and the creative process
  • Hong Kong / Mainland China: Production and supply chain, local innovation, consumer demographics and demand
  • Mexico City: footwear and small-scale production, emerging economies, artisanal inspiration and local design

Mission Statement

The Global Fashion Management program prepares experienced apparel industry professionals to advance to executive positions by providing interactive, student-centered education taught by seasoned industry professionals and accomplished academics. The program's global partnerships and international student body are designed to enrich the curriculum through discussion and awareness. Research, collaboration, and communication foster leadership, innovation, and strategic thinking, with the objective of infusing progressive ideas into a rapidly changing and highly competitive industry.


Applications will be accepted between October through March 15th for the following fall intake. The fall semester is the only intake period per year.