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Course Descriptions


SXI 100 Introduction to Image Consulting 
Learn the art of helping others refine their personal or professional appearance to enhance confidence, style, and wardrobe investments. Study color, fit, accessories, and visual principles as you develop the skills that support a positive transformation for yourself and others in this informative course.

Have the following text for the first class: Looking Good . . . Every Day, by Nancy Nix-Rice (also available at Barnes & Noble at FIT: fashion.bncollege.com or 212-217-5690). Online and international students, please allow extra time to receive books. 

Instructors: Dominique Isbecque, AICI CIP, image consultant; Beryl Wing, AICI CIP, image consultant; and Carol Davidson, AICI CIP, image consultant.

SXI 110 Image Consulting Summer Intensive
Experience the basics of image consulting in this unique workshop, perfect for people with limited time. Learn the steps involved in conducting a professional image assessment for a client, including actual practice in determining physical characteristics to make appropriate wardrobe recommendations. Hands-on assignments include vendor/designer assessments, client wardrobe planning, and mock consultations. Attendees discover firsthand how to harness their own sense of style, fashion, and people skills into a rewarding career opportunity, be it freelance or corporate based.

Certificate candidates: SXI 110 cannot be substituted for SXI 100 or 200. Additional expenses up to $35.

Instructor: Carol Davidson, AICI CIP, image consultant.

SXI 111 Introduction to Fashion Publicity and Events Planning for Image Consulting Students 
(Formerly called SXE 111 Introduction to Fashion Publicity and Events Planning for Image Consulting Students)
This online course is specifically for Image Consultants who want to learn how to build their business through positive word of mouth and dynamic events. Learn how to use the tools of publicity to increase awareness of your practice and build your brand through participation in meaningful event opportunities. Create a realistic launch event with corporate sponsors, targeted media, charity tie-ins, and a "wow" gift bag.

Instructor: Barbara Berman, BB's Backstage Fashion Show and Event Services, celebrity wardrober.

SXI 120 Easy Ways to Organize
(Formerly called SXU 030 Declutter and Get Tidy / Easy Ways to Organize)
Learn to declutter and organize your stuff and your life in this workshop taught by a well-known professional "tidy" expert, who will coach you with tips and tricks to improve your space at home and or work. Discover how to realistically address clutter by making and executing an action plan using affordable organizing products. Fashionistas learn valuable ways to protect your clothing and accessory investments. Participate in a challenge assignment that not only reinforces what you learn, but gets you started on road to a calmer healthier existence. 

Instructor: Tova Weinstock, Tidy Tova, professional organizer, featured media expert.

SXI 150 Workshop: How to Work with Color
(Formerly called SXC 150 Workshop: How to Work with Color)
Learn to use color creatively in apparel, accessories, and home fashion related projects. Strengthen your ability to express yourself using correct color terminology in design and market assignments. Experience how experts research and develop color and work with color resources by visiting the FIT Archroma Color Center. Experience the reality of working with color through hands-on assignments guided by a color professional.

Have for first session: a color wheel by The Color Wheel Company (also available at Barnes & Noble at FIT: fashion.bncollege.com or 212-217-5690).

Instructor: Ben Gomes, president, CFS Trends; internationally recognized color authority and trends forecaster.

SXI 200 Image Consulting: Wardrobe and Style* 
Prerequisite: SXI 100
Dive deeper into image consulting techniques to further develop your image skills. Build on the concepts from SXI 100 by analyzing men's and women's fashion styles, working with fabric basics and garment details to enhance and adapt to body proportions. Learn closet and wardrobe analysis and evaluate shopping services, both live and virtual. By the end of this course, you'll gain direction and confidence to start applying learned techniques to clients.

In addition to SXI 100 book, please order: Color Me Confident, by Veronique Henderson and Pat Henshawand and StyleSource, by Alyce Parsons with Mimi Dorsey (also available at Barnes & Noble at FIT: fashion.bncollege.com or 212-217-5690). Online and international students, please allow extra time to receive books.

Instructor: Beryl Wing, AICI CIP, image consultant; and Mary Anne Kokidis, AICI CIP, image consultant.

SXI 250 Fabric Basics for Personal Shoppers and Consultants
(Formerly called SXF 570 Fabric Basics for Personal Shoppers and Consultants)
This workshop is for anyone in image, styling, color, events, or related industries who works with fabrics or fabric terminology. Increase your knowledge, vocabulary, and ability to advise clients on everything fabric-related, from fiber to finished product. Course features the essentials of fiber properties, methods of yarn and cloth manufacturing, and fabric attributes to enhance appearance and lifestyle through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on analysis.

Instructor: Lisa Kesselman, adjunct professor, Textile Development and Marketing; assistant coordinator, Enterprise Center; specialist in manufacturing, design, and sale of custom fabric trims.

SXI 300 Image Consulting: Business Essentials*
Prerequisites: SXI 100 and SXI 200 
After building your foundation, cross the bridge from having skills to starting your professional image practice. Designed as a workshop, begin work on your business materials. Gain clarity on your vision, values, target clients, and how best to attract them.  Emphasis is on marketing, client service development, and sales and consulting communications, and culminates with a sales pitch that is authentically you.

In addition to SXI 100 and SXI 200 textbooks, please order: The Perfect Fit, How to Start an Image Consulting Business, by Dominique Isbecque and Lynne Marks available at virtualbookworm.com and How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less, by Milo O. Frank (also available at Barnes & Noble at FIT: fashion.bncollege.com or 212-217-5690). Online and international students, please allow extra time to receive books.

Instructor: Dominique Isbecque, AICI CIP, image consultant.

SXI 325 Image Consulting: Plus and Petite Clients
Learn how to fulfill the expectations of the special-size customer with proper fit, fashion, and service. Interact with our two industry experts as they each tackle the dilemmas facing both petite and plus-size clients and get concrete directions that satisfy their shopping needs and celebrate women on all sizes, thereby expanding business possibilities.

Instructors: Catherine Schuller, AICI CIP, image and style director; and Natalie Negrotti, petite model and TV personality.

SXI 335 Fit, Balance, and Proportion Fundamentals for Men's Image and Styling
(Formerly called SXF 335 Fit, Balance, and Proportion Fundamentals for Men's Image and Styling)
If you work with men’s dressing needs, it is essential to understand and convey the relationship between fit, balance, and proportion for the well-dressed man. Begin with a review of body types and silhouettes and learn every aspect of proper fit. Get tips on current designer lines and brands and how they match with a variety of builds. Information includes jackets, trousers, and shirts with special attention to alterations and lengths. Use of color and the fundamentals of accessorizing for career, personality, and lifestyle are covered.

Instructor: Nedo Bellucci, founder and creative director, Bellucci Napoli; international menswear expert.

SXI 350 Color for Wardrobe Planning
(Formerly called SXF 810 Color for Wardrobe Planning)
Learn how image consultants, personal shoppers, and stylists curate a complete wardrobe. Explore what influences color choices, based on personal preferences, individual coloring, and color psychology. Gain tips on how to add visual interest using color harmonies and trends to build a cohesive wardrobe, instead of simply acquiring a closet full of clothes. Complete a wardrobe plan for a prototype client, using tools and techniques that you can use professionally or for yourself.

Instructor: Carol Davidson, AICI CIP, image consultant; and Dominique Isbecque, AICI CIP, image consultant.

SXI 400 Secrets from a Professional Shopper
(Formerly called SXF 300 Secrets from a Professional Shopper)
Learn professional techniques to shop and assemble wardrobes for clients, including how to prep and assess needs. Discover where to find the best deals on designer brands, working as a team shopping virtually with classmates. Assemble a unique seasonal capsule wardrobe on a budget with just 11 pieces and add final touches with essential accessories. An extensive client questionnaire and other business-related forms are included.

Instructor: Emma Sosa, president, Fashion and Image International.

SXI 500 Fashion Essentials for Image Consultants
Specially formatted for students working toward earning an Image Consulting certificate online, this program concentrates on fashion industry know-how, vocabulary, and correct terminology. Begin with how fashion functions from the role of the designer and manufacturer to the world of retail. Learn to discover clothing details and give fabrication advice correctly. Use your new-found language and knowledge to instill client confidence. For online Image Consulting certificate students or anyone in need of an introduction to trade lingo.

Instructor: Joan O. Volpe, managing coordinator, Professional Studies; adjunct associate professor, Fashion Merchandising Management.

*Denotes course has prerequisite(s). This means that specific classes must be completed prior to enrolling in this course. If you have not completed these courses with a passing grade, please wait to register as your registration will be cancelled. Please see course descriptions for more information.