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Course Descriptions


SXS 100 Introduction to Fashion Styling
**Starting January 2021 - this course is no longer part of the Fashion Styling Certificate Program. New certificate launching Spring 2021.
If you have a strong visual sense and an aptitude for working with color and proportion, consider becoming a fashion stylist,
 creating wardrobe solutions for your client, print or social media, and other fashion events. This course provides a general overview of the stylist’s skills required with emphasis on coordinating wardrobe and accessories. The many roles and opportunities of the stylists are discussed from shopping to prepping merchandise for your client or model. Program is highly interactive with creative assignments. Camera phone or digital camera required for assignments throughout the course.

Some additional expenses required.

Instructor: Emma Sosa, professional stylist

SXS 101 Fashion Styling Fundamentals Certificate Program
This course is the Fashion Styling Fundamentals Certificate Program, please click for more information.

Certificate Facilitator: Sadia Seymour, professional stylist.

SXS 110 Fashion Styling Summer Intensive
Learn the basics of fashion styling from a team of experts in three intensive days. Perfect for people with limited time, this program highlights the stylist’s role in print and fashion events. Through a series of mock assignments and a mini–photo shoot, experience the digital work and responsibilities of the stylist, including shopping, propping, prepping, and working with models and photo professionals.

Certificate candidates: SXS 110 cannot be substituted for SXS100. Additional expenses up to $15.

Instructor: Sadia Seymour, professional stylist.

SXS 120 Fashion Styling: Fit Fundamentals
(Formerly called SXM 010 Styling: Fit Fundamentals)
This practical workshop covers pinning for fit, taping hems, keeping plunging necklines in place, working with clips, and more. Attendees develop their own proficiency at solving realistic styling challenges, working hands-on in each class meeting.

Have for the first class: basic styling kit (safety pins, Topstick, Stitch Witchery, scissors, double-sided masking tape, and clips or clamps). Some additional items may be required after the first session.

Instructor: Sadia Seymour, professional stylist. 

SXS 130 Fashion Styling: Trade Craft from Fitting to Clothing Care
(Formerly called SXM 100 Styling Tricks of the Trade: Fitting, Ironing, and Clothing Care)
This intensive course covers three key elements in clothing maintenance used by the best stylists and wardrobe technicians:  fit adjustments, ironing, and care. Learn measurements and organization, master-level ironing, steam iron maintenance, and the proper use of hangers from a working professional. Course includes tips and hints known only in the trade about accidents, stain removal, and building a styling kit. 

Instructor:Vanessa Leuck, wardrobe specialist, costume artisan, and illustrator.

SXS 150 Fashion Styling: Photography and Editorial Overview
(Formerly called SXM 120 Successful Styling for Photography: Fashion Biz and Beyond)
Learn insider styling skills necessary for success in advertising, editorial, and freelance styling. Attendees learn the production process of fashion photo shoots from a professional stylist, a photographer, models, and hair and makeup pros. All facets of styling, including fashion, interiors, and other specialties, are discussed, with visits from guest contributors. Afternoon features a mock photoshoot designed to reinforce roles, and attendees get to assist in the decision-making process. Students receive digital images for their portfolios.

Instructors: Nancy Alusick, professional stylist; and Emmanuel Faure, commercial photographer. 

SXS 175 Fashion Styling: Photo Shoots*
(Formerly called SXS 200 Fashion Styling for Media)
Prerequisites: SXS 100, SXS 130 (formerly SXM 100), and SXS 150 (formerly SXM 120)
Work in a team gaining step-by-step experience in doing your own professional-level photo shoot. Learn to shop the market, work with designers, and select the right models, hair, and make up for your shoot. Stage your group’s concept and assist a professional fashion photographer to execute the shoot and receive digital images for your portfolio.

Instructors: Nancy Alusick, professional stylist; and Emmanuel Faure, commercial photographer.

SXS 190 Fashion Styling: Still-Life Fundamentals
(Formerly called SXM 125 Still-Life Fundamentals for Fashion Stylists)
Expand your styling skills into the growing and lucrative still-life field favored by digital resources. Learn to position soft goods and other products in visually stimulating ways without the use of models. Participate in an actual photo shoot and receive digital images for your portfolio. 

Instructors: Nancy Alusick, professional stylist; and Maria Vullo, photographer. 

SXS 201 Fashion Styling Certificate: Advanced Program
This course is the Fashion Styling Certificate: Advanced Program, please click for more information.

Certificate Facilitator: Sadia Seymour, professional stylist.

SXS 250 Fashion Styling: Off-Figure for E- Commerce and Digital Applications
Working stylists and those new to the field, gain the up-to-the-minute skills now required by the explosion of digital resources being used to market fashion products, including the specifics of creating 3D retail photos. Discover new work methods, from what you need in your kit to how to pin, do laydowns, and dress mannequins and ghosts—all applicable to images developed for websites such as EBay, Pinterest, social media, and e-portfolios. Work hands-on in a series of exercises designed to teach the right pinning, use of armature wire, Styrofoam, monofilament, as well as how to fold garments and incorporate accessories and props. Final assignment concentrates on the special requirements for styling gifs.

Students need to equip their kit with 3-inch strong steel pins, quilting pins, Fun Tak, double-stick tape, metal tape, and lint remover tape/masking tape prior to first class and be prepared to provide clothing and accessories to shoot. Additionally please have the following garments for the first session to practice your pin ups: short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve fleece sweatshirt/hoodie, tailored shirt, jeans, dress (knee length or longer) or long coat, and structured jacket. Some materials provided. Tuition includes $50 for supplied materials. 

Instructor: Jessica Agullo, professional off-figure fashion/prop stylist.

SXS 275 Fashion Styling: Social Media
(Formerly called SXM 260 Fashion Styling for Social Media)
Stylists, learn to apply concepts and best practices to tap into Instagram’s booming network of 600 million viable customers, plus additional social media outlets, to achieve your business objectives. Learn cross-platform branding, blueprints for funneling followers, the pillars of social media content marketing, and how to style fashion product. Gain an understanding of how to shoot and create dynamic product narrative in this leading-edge course.

Instructor: Joseph DeAcetis, creative style director, Forbes; international menswear expert. 

SXS 310 Fashion Styling Career Launch Workshop*
Prerequisites: SXS 100, SXS 150 (formerly SXM 120), and SXS 275 (formerly SXM 260)
Prerequisite: SXS 175 (formerly SXS 200) 
Intended for students who are very close to launching their styling careers or are nearing completion of their certificate program, this highly interactive workshop provides real-world experiences. Each student works independently to hone and develop professional skills and techniques for executing images, including securing a creative team and working with them in collaboration with a photographer on e-portfolio development. Attention is given to pitching and getting assignments to begin your styling career. Upon completion of this program, students will be prepared to begin assisting in the industry.

Instructor: Sadia Seymour, professional stylist.

SXS 350 Fashion Styling: Men
(Formerly called SXS 330 Fashion Styling for Men)
Add the basic elements of men's dressing and styling to your professional arsenal in this dynamic course focusing on the analysis of male image and the development of style. Be guided in sourcing and collating from print resources and virtual domains. Learn to evaluate male faces and bodies and select the right model for a specific assignment, capitalizing on hair-styles and make-up. Gain an understanding of how color, silhouette, and accessories dictate a style in the photo shoot narrative.

Some additional expenses required. Tuition includes $20 for supplied materials.

Instructor: Joseph DeAcetis, creative style director, Forbes; international menswear expert.

SXS 400 Fashion Styling: Interiors and Displays
(Formerly called SXH 010 Fashion Styling: Home Fashion Business)
Discover what a home fashion stylist does and learn the art of visual presentation for home products, including fundamentals of styling, project conception, and prop selections. Gain in-depth exposure to the expansive world of home fashion styling, including opportunities in media, entertainment, and retailing.

Instructor: Stephen J. Cucci, display and visual merchandising designer. 

*Denotes course has prerequisite(s). This means that specific classes must be completed prior to enrolling in this course. If you have not completed these courses with a passing grade please wait to register as your registration will be cancelled.