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Course Descriptions


CTB 002 The Mac: Basics and Beyond
Learn all that your Mac can do. Get familiar with Apple hardware, file structure, keyboard shortcuts, and other productivity tools; customize your Mac experience with system preferences; and learn all about included software. Recommended for, but not limited to, those planning to take courses in design software.

Instructor: Paul Reyman, Mac User Support Supervisor/FIT.

CTB 010 Excel I
Produce polished professional spreadsheets with Excel. Work with ranges, movement techniques, formatting techniques, and formula creation. Learn to display budgets, make projections, and create graphs. Bring a flash drive to class to save your work.

CTB 012 Excel II: Fashion Design
Pre-requisite: Knowledge of Excel required, or take CTB 010
The fashion industry uses Microsoft Excel to create forms for sample making, fitting production, and costing. In this course, you will learn how to manage style data and minimize communication and production problems. Bring a flash drive to class to save your work.

CTB 040 Managing the Graphic Design Process
Manage input and complete graphic design projects in a timely and effective fashion. Learn how the design process is integrated with other management areas such as marketing and production, and which strategies expedite the design process without sacrificing quality.

CTB 052 Product Development with PLM
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has rapidly become one of the hottest technology applications in apparel, accessories, footwear, textiles, and other fashion-related industries. PLM software can accelerate your product development process with digital asset (image) management, tech pack management, quotation and bid management, sample and production planning and tracking, pre-concept line management, and materials management. In this course, you will develop, manage, and edit a technically accurate, complete mini-collection in PLM.

CTB 080 Shopify
Design, create and launch your own store on Shopify. This course will take you through the essential checklist to launch any online business, including such steps as setting up your domain and setting up shipping, billing, and taxes. Please come prepared with the name of your business and digital images of the products or services you will be selling.

CTB 081 Squarespace
(Formerly called CTD 614 Squarespace)
Build and host your own professional business website with Squarespace. Get the most out of this service's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Learn how to use the tools business owners need to manage a website, from search engine optimization (SEO) to comprehensive e-commerce solutions.

CTB 082 Search Engine Optimization
(Formerly CTD 641 Search Engine Marketing)
This course will give you a thorough understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and its importance in today's highly competitive web design and marketing industries. The focus will be on understanding the various ins and outs of SEO on-page and off-page; how search engines read, understand, and learn a website; and what needs to get done in order to strengthen a website's overall searchability and online presence.

CTB 083 E-Commerce Data Tracking for Fashion Business
(Formerly CTD 652 E-Commerce Tracking)
This course examines fashion retail e-commerce measurement strategies, and how to create and execute mobile and online/offline measurement planning using case studies. Digital data security and privacy issues are also discussed. Learn how to properly manage and assess the performance of web and e-commerce marketing (SEM, SEO, display/video ads campaigns, etc.), on-site e-commerce sales, and email marketing campaigns. First day of class will be on FIT campus. Remainder of classes will meet off-site at Google headquarters in Chelsea.

Instructor: Pedro Ávila is a privacy engineer at Google with over a decade of consulting and analytics experience across countries, technologies, and industries.