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Creative Arts Therapy: Options for Career and Personal Growth

Powerful pathways for healing: dance movement, art, and music for happy and productive living.

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CAT 001:
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Tuition: $350
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Join us for a self enriching experience and see how the Creative Arts Therapies (CAT) - Art, Music and Dance/Movement can make a difference in your life and/or as a viable career where you can make a difference in the lives of others. Opportunities in the field of Creative Arts Therapy are widely recognized and valued for their powerful healing effects with people of all ages, backgrounds and diverse abilities.

Discover how the Creative Arts Therapies empower the whole person for happy and productive living. In this workshop, you will learn the benefits of CAT first-hand and experience the process of creating and communicating through art, music and dance/movement in new ways.

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What You Will Learn

  • How Creative Arts Therapies, dance movement therapy, art therapy and music therapy provide opportunities for healing, personal growth and happiness
  • Overview of CAT and how they elicit powerful change in a variety of populations and settings
  • How to distinguish dance, art and music from dance, art and music therapies
  • How Creative Arts Therapies empower people to reveal the inner self and to uncover strengths of self-confidence, self- esteem and self- compassion
  • How the core elements of art, music and dance/movement become the foundation and basis of non-verbal communication and social engagement
  • Paths toward career advancement in music, art and dance movement therapy
  • How the professions of dance, art and music therapies started more than 50 years ago

Why FIT?

  • FIT is a premier public institution in New York City that fosters creativity, career focus, experiential learning and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • FIT offers “Creative Arts Therapy: Powerful Pathways for Healing,” the first in a series of healing arts programs developed and taught by professional experts and leaders in the fields of dance/movement therapy, art therapy and music therapy.
  • FIT invites the community to celebrate dance, music and the arts each year by open invitation to the International Dance and Music Festival and the FIT Dance Company performances.
  • FIT just launched an Integrative Wellness Minor in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which includes courses like "Happiness and Human Flourishing" and “Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy”.
  • FIT offers a Dance Minor in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a 15 credit program that includes courses in the practice, theory and critical analysis of dance.
  • FIT is expanding studies in the healing arts, providing students options where they may pursue a career in art, dance or music therapy and learn the healing effects of CAT to further their own personal growth and development.

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Meet Our Faculty 

Eleanor DiPalma
Eleanor M. DiPalma
PhD, LCAT, BC-DMT, NCC Founding Executive Director of clinical and workplace programs in New York City: Creative Arts - Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) for children and adults who have disabilities; Employee Health and Wellness as well as Employee Training and Development programs; Language Access for Limited English Proficient and for people with diverse abilities: Innovator of “empathic listening” in community mediation, NYS Unified Court System. Eleanor’s clinical interventions with autistic children were adopted by the New York City (NYC) Department of Education. Adjunct Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology and former member of FIT President’s Diversity Council; DMT private practice; author of numerous publications including: Liljan W. Espenak, Her Life and Work in the Profession of Dance Therapy; Liljan W. Espenak, Ihr Leben und Werk als Tanztherapeutin; former Public Relations Chair of NYC Chapter of American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA).
Marcia B. Leventhal
Marcia B. Leventhal
PhD, CMA, BC-DMT, founding professor/director, graduate dance movement therapy, NYU. Founder and director of dance therapy programs in Australia (IDTIA), Argentina, Japan, Greece, UK (Roehampton, Froebel College), China, and Turkey (co-founder, co-director, International Institute for Advanced Training in Dance Therapy and Whole Person Psychology-The Art of Embodiment). Training in alternative healing practices worldwide and former professional performer. Marian Chace Honoree and keynote speaker, American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA). NYC Board of Education Honoree for work with autistic children and families. 2019 ADTA recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award.
Lynn Miller
Lynn Miller
MA, has been an adjunct faculty in Music Therapy at Immaculata University and a facilitator for Music for People for 18 years. She started a Creative Arts therapy program at Roxborough Hospital in Philadelphia, which employed Art, Dance and Music therapists. Lynn is the author of, SpiritArts, Transformation through Creating Art, Music and Dance. She co-authored, Music and Neuromodulation, in the book Rhythmic Structures in Neuromodulation, published by Elsevier. Lynn has presented workshops nationally and in India, Italy, France, Switzerland, Canada and Mexico.
Linda Turner
Linda Turner
LCAT, ATR, BC, MPS is an Art Psychotherapist in private practice, seeing individuals and facilitating workshops in, and around, NYC. She has worked with a diverse range of populations, from cancer patients to traumatized adults and youth during her 20 year career. She initiated Art Therapy programs at two different Not for Profit agencies, and served on the board of the NY Coalition of Creative Art Therapists (NYCCAT) for seven years. Linda is also a Career and Internship Counselor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) where she obtained her BFA, and worked as a Home Textile/Surface designer for companies such as Ralph Lauren and West Point-Pepperell/JP Stevens prior to changing careers. Linda is a mixed media artist, a commitment and thread that runs through all of her career choices.


Module 1: Introductions and insights into the Creative Arts Therapies

  • Welcome and Overview

  • Introductions using art, sound, movement and reflection

  • Building group connection through Sociogram

Module 2Connecting and reflecting through image, dance movement and voice

  • Relaxing into the Process

  • Reflecting on the Past: Artmaking

  • Being in the Present: Voice and Music

  • Stepping into Future: Dance movement transitions

Module 3Bringing Creative Arts Therapies into your life and the lives of others

  • The Practice of Art, Music and Dance Movement Therapies: settings, populations, training and professional opportunities

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