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Fashion Design - Apparel

Winter semester classes are being offered online and remotely, with a few courses being offered in person. "Online" classes are held in a traditional online environment, allowing students to log in on their own schedule. "Remote" classes meet via teleconference at specific times, and students must attend at those times; students will receive login information and instructions after they register. If you come to campus, please note that face masks must be worn inside all FIT facilities and other social distancing measures are in effect; review the Health and Safety guidelines on the FIT website before coming to campus.

Winter Courses

Jan 4 - Jan 20

Questions about course content? Contact:
Fashion Design  Apparel - (212) 217-5000

FD 117
Design Studio I—Introduction to Draping

2.0 credits
In state $440.00   Out of state $1,322.00

This course introduces fashion design students to the basic principles and techniques of draping in fabric as a means to creatively interpret and develop contemporary designs. An emphasis on proportion, balance and shape as related to design aesthetics broadens students’ understanding for actualizing and realizing three-dimensional design prototypes through manipulating muslin.


CRN Section Day Time Location
1730 15A MTWRF 9:10 AM–2:00 PM REMOTE

FD 133
Materials and Construction I

2.0 credits
In state $440.00   Out of state $1,322.00

As related to the fashion designer, course stresses hands-on construction, cutting, and finishing techniques for creating garment prototypes. It introduces materials (cottons, wools, interfacings), core characteristics, and handling. Visits to MFIT study rooms/exhibitions provide further opportunities to explore the influence of fabrication choices, construction details and techniques on silhouette development.


CRN Section Day Time Location
1731 15A MTWRF 1:10 PM–6:00 PM REMOTE
1732 15B MTWRF 5:10 PM–10:00 PM REMOTE

FD 244
Design Development: Digital Communication and Management

1.5 credits
Online: In state $352.50   Out of state $1,014.00

Prerequisite: FF 245
This course is an in-depth survey from concept to completion of the industry-standard for design-to-manufacturing procedures and practices. Utilizing digital apparel management programs and tools, students learn to effectively execute design ideas and communicate design information across multiple platforms for various design and development stages.


CRN Section Day Time Location