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Digital Still Photography

Digital technology has fundamentally changed the field of photography. A professional photographer's skill set must include digital techniques and an understanding of the proper digital workflow. FIT's certificate in Digital Still Photography will immerse you in the professional use of the latest digital-capture and image editing tools. Whether a photographer by profession or a serious amateur, you will learn how to:

  • Create well-crafted digital images using the basic controls of today's digital cameras
  • Solve lighting challenges inherent in digital portraiture, still life, and fashion photography
  • Edit, color correct, manipulate and retouch digital images to achieve a desired style
  • Understand the digital "printing" process and recognize when and where to use one format over another
  • Create and maintain a clean, proper digital asset management strategy.

The program consists of six courses taken over three semesters.

Curriculum (12.5 Credits)

PH 118 – Beginning Digital Photography
PH 171 – Digital Darkroom
PH 130 – Lighting I
PH 272 – Photoshop I for Photographers
PH 230 – Lighting II
PH 274 – Photoshop II for Photographers

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For course-specific information, contact:
Brian Emery, Pomerantz Center, Room D348