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Course Cancellations

Fall 2019

Subject Course Number Section Day and Time Room
AD 216 102 Friday, 12:10pm–3:00pm  D510
AD 466 65A Monday, 6:30pm9:20pm D514
AP 241  15A Monday, 6:30pm10:20pm A487
AP 243 15A  Wednesday, 6:30pm10:20pm B801
CD 123 15A Thursday, 6:30pm9:20pm D446
CD 123 101 Monday, 3:10pm6:00pm  C506
CD 235 15B Wednesday, 6:50pm9:20pm D506
CG 211 15A Thursday, 6:30pm9:10pm C409
CG 221 15A Wednesday, 6:30pm9:20pm


CG 224 15A Thursday, 6:30pm9:20pm C302
CT 411 65A  Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm C302
FA 101 15A Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm D626
FA 105 15B Wednesday, 6:30pm9:20pm D630
FA 105 15C Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm  D630
FA 114 102 Monday, 3:10pm6:00pm  D602
FA 116 15A Thursday, 6:30pm9:20pm  D506
FA 141 OL1 Online  
FA 200 15A Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm D626
FD 133 15B Tuesday, 6:30pm10:20pm C713
FD 133 15C Saturday, 9:10am1:00pm  C715
FD  342 604 Tuesday, 2:10pm5:00pm CC40
FD 374 601 Thursday, 2:10pm5:00pm C706
FD 386 65A Thursday, 6:30pm9:20pm C714
FF  121 103 Thursday, 9:10am12:00pm B607
FF 143 15A

Monday and Wednesday, 6:30pm9:20pm 


FF 245 109 Monday, 2:10pm5:00pm CC16
FF 311 610 Thursday, 2:10Ppm6:00pm B711
FF 322 609 Monday, 11:10am2:00pm B807
FF 344 65A Thursday, 6:20pm9:20pm C232
FF 345 65A Monday, 6:30pm9:20pm C811
FS 461 602 Wednesday and Friday, 2:00pm5:00pm  
GD 491 OL1 Online  


133 15A Wednesday, 6:30pm9:20pm  D505
ID 151 15A Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm  D504
ID 219 104

Tuesday, 9:00am1:00pm; Friday, 1:00pm6:00pm



ID 227 104 Thursday, 2:00pm5:00pm D523
ID 282 104

Tuesday, 2:00pm5:00pm; Friday, 9:00am12:00pm



ID 354 OL1 Online  
ID 354 OL3 Online  
ID 431 65A Monday, 6:30pm9:20pm C229
IL 102 15A Monday, 6:30pm9:20pm C227
IL 126 15A Wednesday, 6:30pm9:20pm D627
IL 127 15A Thursday, 6:30pm9:20pm D617
IL 133 15A Monday, 6:30pm9:20pm D626
JD 101 15B Wednesday, 6:30pm9:20pm A480
JD 117 15A Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm  A480
JD 200 15A Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm  A480
JD 215 15A Thursday, 6:30pm–9:20pm  A480
LD 101 15A Wednesday, 6:30pm9:20pm A488
LD 112 15A Wednesday, 6:30pm10:20pm A487
LD 144 15A Thursday, 5:10pm10:00pm A487
LD 252 15A Thursday, 6:30pm10:30pm A484
LD 261 15A Wednesday, 6:30pm10:20pm C615


123 15A Monday, 6:30pm10:20pm A485
MW 144 15A Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm B602
PH  118 15A Wednesday, 6:30pm9:20pm D411
PK 211 15A Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm D530
PK 303 601 Monday, 3:10pm6:00pm C501
TD 101 15A Wednesday, 6:30pm10:20pm A581
TD 204 101 Wednesday, 1:00pm5:00pm C816
TD 224 OL1 Online  
TD 227 15A Tuesday, 6:30pm9:20pm C506
TD 263 15A Monday, 6:30pm10:20pm C531
TD 302 65A Wednesday, 6:30pm9:20pm C228
TD 313 601 Tuesday and Thursday, 9:10am12:00pm C230
TL 112 15A Tuesday, 6:30pm10:20pm  B813
TL 211 15A Wednesday, 6:30pm10:20pm C813