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Bystander Intervention

Speak Up. Don't Stand By. Become an FIT Empowered Bystander.

Become an empowered bystander. Speak up. Don't stand by.
Stepping in to assist another person who is experiencing harm or abuse is an important part of supporting members of our community. If you or someone you encounter is in need of help, remember these three steps:

Step One: Inspect. Assess each situation and your surroundings before acting.
Step Two: Connect. Ask the person you are concerned about if they are ok.
Step Three: Redirect. Ask the person in need if they would like to leave with you.

Safe Bystander Intervention

Observers of a sexual assault or other types of gender or intimate partner based misconduct such as domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, may be able to help the victim. However, it is important that the observer do so in a positive manner and in a way that keeps the observer and the victim safe. Appropriate interventions will depend on the situation. Safe and appropriate options for bystanders may include calling FIT Public Safety in violent or potentially violent situations, intervening if the observer believes someone is in a potentially uncomfortable or unsafe situation, and/or encouraging the target of such conduct to report the incident and seek support.

It is imperative that bystanders report sexual assault, harassment, and other forms of gender-based misconduct, even if those involved in reporting the alleged misconduct may be violating other FIT policies. (Please note that FIT has an alcohol and drug amnesty policy in its Sexual Misconduct Response policy and its Code of Student Conduct) FIT expects that members of the community will look out for each other and immediately report troubling behavior so that FIT can intercede to stop such behavior, address the effects of the behavior, and prevent its recurrence. 

Contact FIT Public Safety at 212-217-7777 for assistance on campus or the NYPD at 911 off campus.

This message is brought to you by the FIT Security Advisory Committee and the FIT Campus Anti-violence Education Group.


  • Become an FIT Empowered Bystander!
  • Become an FIT Empowered Bystander!
  • Become an FIT Empowered Bystander!