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Precollege Prices/Payment Methods

Cost for High School Live Program
One course: $460*
Two courses: $905*
All payments must be made in full.

Cost for High School Workshop Program (4-day)
One course: $320*
All payments must be made in full.  

Cost for High School Creative Career Workshop (1-day)
One course: $65 (no additional fees apply)
All payments must be made in full.  

Cost for Middle School Workshop Program
One course: $175*       Two courses: $335*
Three courses: $495*   Four courses: $655*
Five courses: $815*      Six courses: $975* 
All payments must be made in full.  

Fees (below) are included in the prices with an asterisk:      
Registration Fee (
Cost: $15 )

  • Charge Occurrence: once a semester
  • Refundable: No. This fee is for processing and/or reactivating individual student accounts each term.  Even if a student withdraws from a course, the processing and enrollment fee is incurred.
Materials Fee (Cost: $15 )
  • Charge Occurrence: once per course 
  • Refundable: Yes. This cost covers instructional materials, tools, and supplies shared in the classroom, or maintenance of equipment and labs. These materials are not "course supplies", which are the responsibility of the individual student. This fee is refundable because if you don't attend the course - you don't contribute to the necessary materials or maintenance needs. Please visit your course listing page to view the supplies children need to purchase for class.


Refund Policy and Form

How would you like to pay?

  • Online: Students who wish to register online for Precollege courses will be able to submit payment at that time. Online registration
  • Fax: Students who wish to register by fax must complete the registration form and credit card form and fax it to 212 217.7964.
  • In-person: Students may submit payment for a course in person in the Cashiering Operations Office located in the 
    Business & Liberal Arts Center,  Room B127
  • Mail: Complete the registration and payment form and mail check or money order (with form) to:
    FIT Cashiering Operations
    227 West 27th Street, Room B127
    New York, NY 10001-5992
    Note: It may take up to two weeks for FIT to receive mail forms and payments.
  • Precollege Programs cannot accept payments over the phone. 

For program and refund dates, please check the Precollege Calendar.