How to Choose a Precollege Course

High school student working on a cylindrical sculpture

Consider This

Selecting a Precollege course takes a bit of research on the student's part. Course selection is based on your major of interest, abilities, overall passion for the subject and availability. Choose a course you'll be excited about and one that fits your schedule!

Step 1: Time Commitment

Choose between 4-day workshops (HSX, JSX) or 10-day high school classes (HAC, HAD, HAR, HFA, etc.)         

Classes for high school students represent specific FIT majors. These 10-day classes are very popular among students preparing for art and design colleges and exploring FIT majors. 

Workshops focus on a specific set of skills or interests that may span several majors. These 4-day workshops for high school and middle school students are perfect for students who are hobbyists or are new to Precollege.

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Step 2: Area of Interest

Choose from our many courses related to a specific major, or choose a class that focuses on a skill you'd like to develop. 

If you know which industry/skill/topic you'd like to explore, click on our advanced search option. Make sure to specify 'Precollege Programs' when using search terms or keywords.

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If you do not have a major in mind, but have a topic you'd like to learn more about, let us help. Email us at [email protected] and the Precollege team will get back to you shortly.

Finally, when you know which class you want, visit High School and Middle School Classes to access our online registration system.

If you are working on a portfolio for one of FIT's majors, we recommend reviewing the portfolio requirements before enrolling in a Precollege class. Let us know if you need help at (212) 217-4630 or [email protected]