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High School and Middle School Classes

Experience the cultural vibrancy of FIT and NYC while choosing from over 130 long and short-term courses in art, fashion, merchandising, international marketing, photography, interior design, film and media and more... 

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High School Precollege Events:
1-day programs

Fall 2019 Precollege Events


High School 11-day Program Icon

High School Saturday, Sunday or Summer Live: 11-day program

Fall 2019 Saturday Live
Spring 2019 Saturday & Sunday Live
Summer Live 2019 - Registration is closed

  High School 4-day Workshops Icon

High School Workshops: 4-day program
Fall 2019 Saturday & Sunday High School Workshops
Spring 2019 Saturday & Sunday High School Workshops
Summer 2019 High School Workshops - Registration is closed

Middle School 4-day Program Icon
Middle School Workshops: 4-day program
Fall 2019 Middle School Workshops
Spring 2019 Middle School Workshops
Summer 2019 Middle School Workshops - Registration is closed


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High School Blended Learning Workshops:
3-days, plus online
High School Blended Learning Workshops



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High School Credit Courses  
Spring 2019 Course Listings and
Registration Information

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