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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find details about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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FIT's Precollege Essay Recommendations

Applicants for FIT's Business and Technology majors and Film and Media major do not require portfolios for admission, but do need to submit an essay that sets them apart from other candidates. Experiences in Precollege courses enable students to write intelligibly about aspects of their industry/major of choice. Students are also encouraged to try a variety of courses representing these majors (see below) to broaden their understanding of how these industries impact and support each other. 

Learn more about essay requirements: General Essay Requirement and Essay Topic

HAC 063 Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications 
HCM 190 The Beauty Business-Art & Science of Cosmetics and Fragrance
HFI 001 Digital Short Film Basics
HFM 060 Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future
HFM 064 The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising 
HFM 065 Product Development: Creativity and Business 
HIN 131 International Fashion Marketing
HIN 132 Intercultural Fashion Communications
HMG 164 Fashion Entrepreneurship  
HMG 165  Small Business Start-Up
HSX 120 The Fabulous World of Fashion Forecasting!    (4 sessions)
HSX 123  A Week in the Life of a Merchant    (4 sessions)
HSX 124  Personal Branding and Self Promotion     (4 sessions) 
HSX 131  Public Relations for Fashion: The Industry in Action    (4 sessions)
HSX 133  Fashion Journalism Workshop   (4 sessions)
HSX 136  Building an Online Marketplace  (4 sessions)
HSX 141  Global Fashion Business Workshop   (4 sessions)