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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Classes and employee work moved to online and remote environments through remainder of semester.   Read more details at fitnyc.edu/coronavirus

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Enrollment Management and Student Success

FIT Students at Orientation

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success (EMSS) is dedicated to offering student-focused services and co-curricular programming in support of our diverse student population. EMSS aims to collaborate with students and other members of the FIT community to create an experiential environment that complements and contributes to students’ academic learning, social growth, and professional development.

The Division of Enrollment and Student Success supports our students by valuing the importance of:

Community Promoting an environment which facilitates the emotional, social, and academic well-being of students; cultivating a sense of pride and investment in the ongoing success of FIT.
Communication Creating opportunities to increase dialogue among students, staff, and faculty.
Inclusion Fostering a safe and accepting environment that promotes appreciation and affinity among community members.
Student-centeredness Partnering with FIT departments to give students the tools and foundation for personal and professional growth while creating opportunities for students to explore and maximize their FIT experience.
Innovation Embracing change, fostering creativity, focusing on technology, flexibility, and growth, and encouraging all to think in new ways.