Course Development and Approval

Developing a Course

  • If you wish to develop a new course or revise a course, your first action is to develop a course of study for this new or revised course.  You will need to discuss this with the chairperson of your department.  
  • Review these resources: 
  • If you are creating a special topics course, please review the Special Topics Operational Guidance page prior to submitting a new special topics course.
  • If you are proposing a new course, you must submit it through the CourseLeaf Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system for approval.  
  • When uploading a course of study or online statement to a Course Inventory Management (CIM) form, use the following naming conventions:
    • Courses of Study: Prefix and Course Number_Course Title_Mon Year
      e.g. AC 271_Audiences and Media_Aug 2022
    • Online Statements: Prefix and Course Number_OnlineStatement_Mon Year
      e.g. AC 271_OnlineStatement_Nov 2022
    • Blended Statements: Prefix and Course Number_BlendedStatement_Mon Year
      e.g. AC 271_BlendedStatement_Dec 2022

Please be mindful of the FIT Curricular Calendar when developing a new course. 

The workflow for course and program changes is as follows:

  1. The department chair recommends action on behalf of department.
  2. The school dean recommends action on behalf of the school.
  3. The college-wide curriculum committee recommends action.
  4. The registrar reviews action for Banner input.
  5. Academic Affairs notifies the chairs and deans of approval.
  6. The Dean's Council approves.
  7. Banner and relevant catalog pages are updated.