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Options for Reporting Crimes and Incidents

The Fashion Institute of Technology encourages students, faculty, staff, and other members of its educational community to report crimes and other safety incidents promptly to any or all of the administrators below:

Department of Public Safety, Pomerantz Center, Room D442 212 217.7777 (staffed 24 hours per day)
Director of Public Safety 212 217.4999 (administrative line)
Dean of Students 212 217.3800
Title IX Coordinator 212 217.3360

FIT encourages accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to Public Safety and to local law enforcement, when the victim of a crime elects to (or is unable to) make such a report.


In an emergency on the FIT campus, you may contact Public Safety at 212 217.7777 or you may also use one of the red emergency phones located throughout campus buildings or one of the blue emergency phones located outside on campus.

Red Emergency Phones: The college has installed wall-mounted red emergency phones in all facilities and residence halls. The moment any red phone call button is pressed, Public Safety can identify the caller’s place of origin and dispatch personnel immediately to the scene.

Blue Emergency Phones:The college has installed blue emergency phones around the campus perimeter that connect directly to FIT’s Department of Public Safety and do not require dialing a number. You can find the phones in the following locations:
1) outside Dubinsky on 27th Street
2) outside Pomerantz on 27th Street
3) outside Goodman on 26th Street
4) outside Pomerantz on 28th Street
5) outside Dubinsky on 28th Street
6) outside Feldman on 28th Street

If you experience an off-campus emergency, call 911.

Additional Options for Reporting Crimes and Incidents

FIT prefers that all crimes and incidents be promptly reported to one of the authorities listed in the Options for Reporting Crimes and Incidents section above. We recognize, however, that depending on the circumstances, some members of the community may choose to report crimes and incidents to other FIT officials. In addition to the authorities listed above, crimes and incidents may be reported to the following additional administrators:

  • Director of Residential Life, 212 217.3900
  • Director of Athletics (and coaches), 212 217.4210
  • Director of Educational Opportunity Programs, 212 217.4170
  • Director of Office of Disability Services / FIT-ABLE, 212 217.4090
  • Director of Student Life, 212 217.4130
  • Dean for International Programs (study abroad), 212 217.5380
  • Director of International Student Services, 212 217.3700
  • Any senior administrator of FIT

Additional Information and Support

FIT has resources that can provide victims of crimes with medical attention, support, and assistance for physical and mental health.

For Students
Counseling Center, 212 217.4260, Dubinsky Student Center, A-212B
Health Services, 212 217.4190, Dubinsky Student Center, A-402 For

Employee Assistance Program, 212 217.5600, Pomerantz Center, Lower Level Room

For more information about conduct procedures and additional support resources, please see FIT’s Code of Student Conduct and the Sexual Misconduct Response policies.

» Additional Information for Victims of Sexual Misconduct