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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find details about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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Advanced Placement Exams

Students who have taken an Advanced Placement Exam (AP) and earned a score of three (3) or higher will receive transfer credit.  Official transcripts are required for transfer credit evaluation.  Go to CollegeBoard.org for more information.

The equivalencies below are subject to revision.

Name of Exam             FIT Equivalent     FIT Requirement

AP Capstone  

AP Seminar                             HU010                        G7 Humanities
AP Research                                          HU020      G7 Humanities


AP Art History                          HA111, HA112           G5 Western Civilization
AP Music Theory MU203     G6 Arts
AP Music Th Aural Subscore * TR110    - - - - - - - 
AP Music Th Non-Aural Subscore * TR111   - - - - - - - -
AP Studio Art: Drawing FA010, FA020     Elective 
AP Studio Art: 2-D Design FA030, FA040     Elective 
AP Studio Art: 3-D Design                       FA050, FA060     Elective 

    * FIT does not calculate Music subscores


AP English Language and Composition EN121, EN020 **       G1 Basic Communication
AP English Literature and Composition EN121 (G1),   
EN030 (G7) *
  G1 Basic Communication
  G7 Humanities

              ** Students who score 3 or higher on both English AP exams will receive a total of 9 English credits.

History & Social Science 

AP Comparative Government and Politics SS354     G4 Social Science
AP European History HI030, HI040      G5 Western Civilization
AP Human Geography SS060 G4 Social Science
AP Macroeconomics SS141 G4 Social Science
AP Microeconomics SS242    G4 Social Science
AP Psychology SS131   G4 Social Science
AP United States Government and Politics  SS251 G4 Social Science
AP United States History HI202, HI020 G10 American History
AP World History SS151, HI010  G9 Other World Civilization

Math & Computer Science 

AP Calculus AB Subscore                             MA331 G2 Math                   
AP Calculus BC    MA331, MA332   G2 Math
AP Computer Science A   MG000 Elective 
AP Statistics  MA222  G2 Math


 AP Biology                                                  SC121, SC020   G3 Natural Science     
 AP Chemistry  SC143, SC040    G3 Natural Science
 AP Environmental Science  SC253  G3 Natural Science
 AP Physics B   SC010  G3 Natural Science
 AP Physics 1  SC010  G3 Natural Science
AP Physic 2  SC010  G3 Natural Science
 AP Physics C - Electricity and Magnetism  SC010  G3 Natural Science
 AP Physics C - Mechanics   SC010  G3 Natural Science

World Languages & Cultures 

AP Chinese Language and Culture               CH111, CH112 G8 Foreign Language   
AP French Language and Culture FR111, FR112 G8 Foreign Language
AP German Language and Culture FL010, FL020 G8 Foreign Language
AP Italian Language and Culture IT111, IT112  G8 Foreign Language
AP Japanese Language and Culture JA111, JA112 G8 Foreign Language
AP Latin FL010, FL020 G8 Foreign Language
AP Spanish Language and Culture SP111, SP112  G8 Foreign Language
AP Spanish Literature SP010   G8 Foreign Language