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Corequisite Required Error

coreq error
This error message means that the major department requires another course or courses be taken during the same semester.  To register for co-requisites:

  • Log in to MyFIT
  • Under the Registration section in MyFIT, click on Register/Add/Drop Classes
  • Under Add Classes to Worksheet, enter in the CRNs (4 or 5 digit course reference numbers) for each of the courses in separate boxes
  • Click Submit Changes

    registering coreq

Educational Skills (ES) courses, Science courses with a lab (SC032), and Cosmetics courses with a lab (CM024), must be registered for at the same time, and paired up with the matching section for the lecture course.   You will need to enter the CRNs of the co-required courses into worksheet and click Submit Changes, in order to register both successfully.

For example, SC332 section 802 must be paired up with its matching section, SC032 section 802. Enter in the CRNs (4 or 5 digit course reference numbers) under Add Classes to Worksheet, to register the co-requisites successfully.