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Degree Audits (DARS)

The degree audit (DARS) is designed to assist you with planning and tracking your progress toward graduation by comparing your academic record against the requirements for your degree. Your DARS report includes completed FIT courses, transfer credit, and in-progress courses.

The DARS is not an official transcript.

Run a new degree audit (DARS)  when planning your registration and when you make changes to your course schedule. Each report is only accurate as of the date and time it is generated. Changes, updates or corrections to either your degree requirements or your academic record (e.g., adding or dropping courses; grade changes; new transfer credit; adding a minor or changing majors, etc.) will change the results of the degree audit.

Although every effort is made to ensure the information on the audit is correct, it is your responsibility to: review the audit and confirm its accuracy, successfully complete in-progress courses, and register for the proper sequence of courses to satisfy degree requirements. 

Students in an undergraduate program who have questions about any of the information contained on the degree audit, or cannot run a DARS, should contact the Registrar's Office by emailing [email protected].

Students in a graduate program who have questions about any of the information contained on the degree audit, should contact their department chair.

How to Access a DARS in MyFIT

  • Log in to MyFIT 
  • Under popular shortcuts in the Student tab, click DARS
  • Click Submit An Audit 
  • You will now select the type of audit you want  from a drop down list
     -List All Requirements
     -Incomplete Requirements Only
     -Complete Requirements Only     
  • After you've selected the type of audit you want, click Run Audit
  • Click View Submitted Audits 
  • Click on the link for the major/degree you are pursuing

» Click here for a guide to understanding the degree audit (DARS)