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Service Updates

Fall 2020 - Winterim 2021: Due to Covid, PrintFX / Fablab has modified, eliminated & added services


3d Printing -- MakerBot self-service printing changed to full-service.  New Stratasys F120 3d printer. 
Laser cutting / vacuum formingmaterial / object drop off  -- Feldman Center lobby 'curbside' drop off table details can be found here.
Vinyl Cutting


Book binding --Submit files only. No customer hard copies. Please number your pages so we can print, collate and bind your order correctly. Submit a laser or inkjet sheet and book binding order form simultaneously. 
Budget Posters
Button Pins -- Submit files only. No customer hard copies
Color and b&w copies -- Services suspended
Fabric Prints
Hardcover bookbinding 
Inkjet Sheets
Inkjet Posters
Laser Prints
Riso Printing -- In person & group printing / demos suspended. Changed to full-service
Specialty Media


Paper & board trimmers -- Service suspended
3d handheld scanners -- Service suspended
Color calibration monitors -- Service suspended
3d Makerbot printing -- Changed to full service


Order form submission -- Online ordering only. Hard copy & usb drop off suspended
Alumni jobs -- Contact staff, (212) 217-5470. [email protected]

Payment -- After job's completed, customer's notified via email to call PrintFX / FabLab to pay over the phone
Contactless pick up -- Feldman Center lobby 'curbside' pick up details can be found here
UPS delivery -- Within U.S. only. Shipping & packaging cost calculated at completion of job
Laser cutting material or vacuum forming object drop off -- Feldman Center lobby 'curbside' table drop off details can be found here.
Service desk (Pomerantz D529A) -- Closed to visitors
Virtual Q&A -- Chat / email service  M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm
Videos & Tutorials -- YouTube video quick guides for help with most of our services
Departmental Orientations -- In person & group orientations suspended but we can provide a Google Meet virtual orientation. Call PrintFX, (212) 217-5470 or email us a Virtual Orientation Request form at least 24hrs prior. Form is a pdf and requires Adobe Reader.
Departmental Design -- Contact [email protected]

Departmental budget transfer -- Submit PrintFX Supply Reimbursement Authorization (pdf) form when ordering via our online ordering page. Form is a pdf and requires Adobe Reader.