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Director of Health Services
Anne Miller, NP
Medical Director
Robert Shalhoub, MD
Health Services Accounting Manager
Judhy Jacobo, BBA
Coordinator of Health Education & Nutrition
Gabriella Potievsky, RD
Health Informatics Manager
Mary Gail Rosario
Nadege Coupet, MD
Peter Psalidas, MD
Nurse Practitioners *
Jeane Brenner, NP
Victoria Curtin, NP
Dorothy Grasso, NP
Leonora Holley, NP
Sulin Jiang, NP
Joan Kendrew, NP
Amy Ma, NP
Katherine Marx, NP
Mary McEnerney, NP
Phyllis McKinney, NP
Eddie Meraz, NP
Patricia Miro, NP
Josephine Musto, NP
Barbara Pittman, NP
Anne Russin, NP
Registered Nurses
Flordelita Guillermo, RN
Carmen Rivera, RN
Lucy Tranquellino, RN
Laboratory Technician
Jasmine Lugo
Gunthilde Perin
Gayla Stiles
Massage Therapist
Leonore Briones
Yoga Therapist
Hilary Nudell
Administrative Secretary
Sabrina Hosein
Jeffrey Padilla
Clerical Assistants
Emily Chin
Robert Najdek
Leslie George, RD
Peer Educators


Health Services medical providers satisfy New York State credentialing requirements.
A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered professional nurse who has completed further education and acquired advanced knowledge in clinical skills. NP's provide a wide range of health care services to people of all ages. In New York State, NP's have prescriptive authority and practice in collaboration with a physician. To ensure quality of care, NP's are certified by New York State and various national professional organizations. Nurse Practitioners offer services such as 1) diagnosis and management of disease, 2) prevention of illness and 3) health maintenance. The NP takes health histories and performs physical exams. They also identify and treat many common problems (acute and chronic) through:
  • laboratory evaluation and X-rays,
  • prescribing and managing medications and other therapies,
  • health teaching and supportive counseling with an emphasis on prevention of illness and health maintenance, referral of patients to other health professionals as needed.
Nurse Practitioners have offered high quality and cost effective services, in partnership with their patients, for more than thirty years.