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After Hours Care

If you have an on-campus emergency, call the Department of Public Safety at extension 7-7777.  If you have an off-campus emergency, call 911.

If you need medical attention when FIT Health Services is closed, you may seek medical care from other medical facilities such as the nearby facilities listed below. Please keep in mind that payment is required for receiving care from any of these facilities. Please contact your insurance company to verify coverage; and remember to have your health insurance card with you when seeking care.

Urgent care is different than emergency medical services. An urgent condition is not life threatening, but may cause serious medical problems if not promptly treated.

Urgent Care Facilities
Emergency Facilities / Hospital
Mount Sinai Beth Israel Chelsea
309 West 23rd St (8th Ave)
New York City
212 256.7000
M-F 8am to 8pm; Sa-Su 9am to 5pm

37 West 23rd (5th Ave)
New York City
646 596.9267
M-F 8am to 10pm; Sa-Su 9am to 6pm

New York Doctors Urgent Care
65 West 13th St (6th Ave)
New York City
212 414.2800
M-F 8am to 8pm; Sa-Su 9am-6pm
Lenox Hill HealthPlex
30 7th Ave (12th St)
New York City
646 665.6000

NYU Ronald O Perelman Center
570 1st Ave (33rd St)
New York City
212 263.5550

462 1st Ave (26th St)
New York City
212 562.4141