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FIT Care Team

The FIT Care Team works together to establish a coordinated point of contact for providing support to students in distress. As such, the Team is tasked with the responsibility to identify, assess and assist, students who display mild to extreme levels of concerning or disruptive behavior including but not limited to suicidal, assaultive and/or self-harm.

Care Team assessment will include the implementation of timely interventions geared toward the health and safety of the individual student and the campus community. A Care Team member will be in touch with you following a report submission to discuss next steps.

Any member of the FIT College community (faculty, staff or students) may fill out a Care Incident Communication Form if they are troubled by student behavior that could be construed as concerning to the student or to others. Examples of such behavior can include but is not limited to:

•  Extended absences from class by an otherwise engaged and involved student.
•  Submission of class work that consists of troubling themes or references.
•  Unusual or erratic behavior in or outside the classroom environment.
•  Ongoing disruptive behavior that is not able to be contained through classroom management.

All reports are kept private* and will be handled by members of the Care Team.

Care Reports should not be submitted for students who may have missed an occasional class. Faculty should be using the attendance policies outlined in their course syllabi and holding students accountable to those expectations. It is important that Care reports should be submitted in a timely manner, when the issue or concern is raised, rather than waiting until the end of the semester to report.

Note that the following types of student behavior must be reported immediately to Public Safety (212.217.7777):

•  Threatening behavior verbal, written, or physically demonstrated through action, social media, and/or any other means.
•  Behavior that could be construed as a threat to one's self or others.

It should be noted that the Team is constituted to respond to student behavior only. Concerns regarding faculty and/or staff behavior should be brought to the attention of the Office of Academic Affairs or the Office of Human Resources respectively, or to Public Safety should the severity of the situation warrant such a report.

To alert the Care Team to a concern, complete and submit the Care Incident Communication form. A member of the team will receive and review your submission. Note that you may be contacted for follow-up information.

The Care Team responds to a wide range of student concerns and incidents. Note that a Care report used to report sexual harassment, sexual violence, or gender-based harassment cannot be kept confidential. If you need to report information of that nature, please contact Public Safety (212-217-7777), the Title IX Coordinator (212-217-3360), or the Dean of Students (212-217-3800).

*Some individuals on the FIT Care Team are considered “Confidential Resources” pursuant to FIT policy. Information on Privacy vs. Confidentiality is explained in detail in FIT’s Sexual Misconduct Response policy, and these concepts apply to FIT Confidential Resources regardless of whether the issue involves sexual misconduct. Although the FIT Care Team itself is not a Confidential Resource, a report made to the individuals who otherwise sit on the FIT Care Team and who are “Confidential Resources” will be kept confidential and not reported to the FIT Care Team without the consent of the victim.