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Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are statements by faculty members that describe the most important things students will know and be able to do when they graduate from a program.

Master in Professional Studies Degree

In developing an executive business program to train innovative leaders with holistic business skills, the following program outcomes represent the key learning areas that define a business leader in a creative sector such as cosmetics and fragrance:

  • demonstrate the ability to prepare a financial analysis in support of a product concept or growth strategy in the cosmetics and fragrance industry;
  • develop and implement critical thinking skills to contribute to a project team's analysis of a specific cosmetics and fragrance topic;
  • procure the skills required to innovate solutions for management and industry-wide marketing issues that face senior cosmetics and fragrance executives;
  • demonstrate the leadership and management techniques that foster a climate of innovation and creativity in the cosmetics and fragrance industry;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the context of industry development based on social, consumer, economic and cultural trends and factors, including consumer behavior;
  • develop a global strategic product platform and demonstrate understanding of the process by which white space opportunities are identified and a product strategy is developed; and
  • demonstrate enhanced influencing skills and executive presentation skills through an ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner, while utilizing appropriate technology.