Step 1

Complete the Application to Study at FIT in Italy

Log in using your FIT username and password.  Select "Search Programs" or scroll down to locate and apply to FD in Florence, FBM in Florence, FD in Milan or LA in Florence.

2016-2017 FIT in Italy Application Deadlines are as follows: 

FD in Florence
Current FIT students submit the Online Study Abroad Application - December 15
Prospective FIT Students - January 1

FD in Milan
First, you must submit an Admissions Application for your 1st year in Italy.
Next, submit the Online Study Abroad Application - December 15

FBM in Florence
First, you must submit an Admissions Application for your 1st year in Italy.
Next, submit the
Online Study Abroad Application - February 1

Liberal Arts in Florence
Current FIT students submit the
Online Study Abroad Application - September 14


NOTE: Only complete applications will be reviewed.   Please be aware of the following requirements in the online application.

Step 2

Provide a Motivational Statement
In a minimum of 500 words, explain why you want to study abroad, your academic and personal expectations, and your ability to adapt and appreciate new cultural experiences.  The motivational statement may be written directly in the online application, or uploaded as a word document.

Step 3

Secure Faculty References
Request two (2) faculty references: one from a professor in your major area and the other from an FIT Liberal Arts professor with whom you have taken a class.   You will submit the recommenders' names and email addresses in the online application.  The faculty members you have named will receive an email request, and you will receive an automated email when your recommendation has been completed.

Step 4

Upload the printer-friendly version of your current degree audit (DARS) generated from the MyFIT portal.  Please save your DARS as a pdf or copy and paste into a word document before uploading it. 

NOTE: Please be sure that your documents have been uploaded correctly.  The OIP will contact you if there are problems with your uploads.  You should check the "Application and Registration Information" area of the application for confirmation that your documents were received.  Please be aware that the department will be unable to consider your application until all materials, including recommendations, are received.

Step 5

Schedule an Interview and Academic Advisement Session
Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email instructing you to schedule an appointment with your departments Study Abroad Faculty Coordinator. You must bring your most recent and printer-friendly DARS audit to this meeting. During the interview your candidacy for participation in the study abroad program will be assessed and you will receive academic advisement about the courses you will be required to take while abroad.

Fashion Design: (212) 217-5000
Fashion Business Management: (212) 217-4800

Step 6

Financial Aid
Ensure that you have filed a FAFSA for the academic year that you plan to study abroad.  For those students applying for Financial Aid, an estimate of your expected study abroad expenses will be forwarded to the Office of Financial Aid so that your award may be calculated. 

Step 7

Accept or Decline the Offer to Study in Italy
On the recommendation of your department you will be notified by the Office of International Programs via email that you have been approved for participation in the study abroad program. Log in to your Study Abroad application to accept or decline this offer. When you accept the offer to participate, you will need to complete the Post-Acceptance part of the application. 

Program Withdrawal
Should circumstances require that you withdraw from the program please review the Withdrawal & Refund Policy for FIT in Italy Programs very carefully.

Step 8

Release Forms, Visa for Study in Italy and Pre-departure Orientation
You will be required to sign and submit the Release Forms in the Pre-Departure stage of the online system.

The OIP will offer support in securing a visa for study in Italy.

You must attend a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation (date to be announced).