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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find details about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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Registration Assignment Times

If your student status (currently enrolled)* permits registration, your registration date and time will show in MyFIT.  Follow the steps below to find your date/time:

              Step 1.  After a successful login to MyFIT, under Online Resources, select Registration

              Step 2.  Select Check Your Registration Status

              Step 3.  Select and submit a term from the drop-down menu           

This is an example of how your date and time will be displayed:                                                          
registration time date

  • If you have an active registration hold, you will not have access to registration until the hold has been cleared.  Click here for information on registration holds.
  • All registration start times are on Eastern (NYC) time.
  • * If you are not currently enrolled at FIT you will not have a registration time-ticket, and will not have access to registration.  Contact Admissions about applying or being re-admitted to the College.

How Are Priority Registration Dates and Times Assigned for Continuing Students?

Registration start dates and times for currently enrolled degree -seeking students are automatically assigned based on the number of credits you have completed (including transfer credits).

Students’ academic information is stored in a database. The database runs a process that evenly divides all currently registered degree students into a group, based on total number of completed credits. Completed, or "earned" credits, do not include courses "In-Progress".

Registration times are assigned at half-hour increments across five (5) business days from 9am - 5:30pm Eastern Time. Assignment times are not the only time you may register--you may continue to make changes to your schedule through the add/drop period. Click here for the Academic Calendar and registration dates.

Can I Choose a Different Registration Start Time?

The Registrar’s Office will not change registration assignment times for any reason. The process is automated based on earned credit amounts. Moving a student to an earlier date/time would require the system to push students with more completed credits to later days/times, to keep to group max limits. This would be unfair, and against the rules of the automated process. Remember, the time assigned is not the only time you may register; it is just the first time you have access.

Are Transfer Credits Considered When Assigning Dates?

Yes, transfer credits are included in the total amount of credits each student completed/earned. 

Do Courses I'm Registered for This Semester Count as Credits "Completed"?

No. The total amount of completed credits only includes courses for which you have received final grades, not courses In-Progress. 

Registering for the First Time as a Degree-Seeking Student

Assignment times for students registering for the first time at FIT as degree-seeking students are completely random. Transfer credits are not considered. New student registration times are assigned at half-hour increments keeping to group max limits.

The Registrar’s Office will not change registration assignment times for any reason. Please note, your assigned date/time is not the only time you can register; registration is open through the add/drop period.