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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find updates about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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Registration Holds

Departments throughout FIT will place holds on student records which will prevent access to registration.  Contact the department who put the hold on, for information on what is required to be cleared for registration.  

Please note, only the department who placed the hold on your record will be able to clear you for registration.   

To view holds in MyFIT:

  • After logging in, click Student (on left)
  • Click Online Information System
  • Click Student
  • Click Student Records & Student Accounts
  • Click View Holds and/or Admissions Conditions

Below is a list of holds that will prevent registration and contact information for each department.

          HOLD TYPE                    LOCATION      EMAIL* or WEBSITE PHONE NUMBER
Academic Advisement - AA   Feldman Center Room C402 [email protected] (212) 217-3080
Admissions Hold-  AH  Feldman Center Room C139 [email protected] (212) 217-3760
Bursar's Office Aged Acct - BA  333 7th Ave 15th Floor [email protected] (212) 217-3720 
Bursar Office Hold - BC BH  Business & Liberal Arts Center Room B127 [email protected] (212) 217-3680
Bursar Perkins Loan - BP  333 7th Ave 15th Floor [email protected]  (212) 217-3720 
Bursar Transfer Form-  BT  333 7th Ave 15th Floor [email protected]  (212) 217-3720
County Chargeback - CH    333 7th Ave 15th Floor [email protected] (212) 217-3720 
Dean's Hold - DH Business & Liberal Arts Ctr Room B221  [email protected]  (212) 217-3800
EOP Hold - EH Dubinsky Center Room A470  fitnyc.edu/eop (website) (212) 217-4170 
EQ - Equipment Hold Contact the person/department who loaned you equipment.
Financial Aid Hold - FH Dubinsky Center Room A212A  fitnyc.edu/financialaid (website) (212) 217-3560
Foreign Student Hold - FS Business & Liberal Arts Center Room B103 [email protected] (212) 217-3700
Graduate School - GS Goodman Resource Center Room E315 [email protected] (212) 217-4300
Library Hold - LH Goodman Resource Ctr 5th Floor Library [email protected] (212) 217-4360
Medical (Health Services) - HS Dubinsky Center Room A402 fitnyc.edu/healthservices (website) (212) 217-4190
Meningitis Letter Req - HM Dubinsky Center Room A402 fitnyc.edu/healthservices (website) (212) 217-4190
Post Admission Survey - PA Business & Liberal Arts Ctr Room B221 [email protected] (212) 217-3800
Print FX - FX Pomerantz Center Room D529a fitnyc.edu/printfx (website) (212) 217-5470
Registrar's Hold - RH Feldman Center Room C158  [email protected]  (212) 217-3820
Second Deregistration - D2 Feldman Center Room C158   [email protected] (212) 217-3820 
Stud Affairs VP Hold - VH Business & Liberal Arts Ctr Room B221 [email protected] (212) 217-3800

 * Include your FIT student ID number in all correspondence.