Learning Disabilities Program

FIT's Learning Disabilities Program offers tutoring and academic advisement to students with special learning needs.

The program includes a "nexternship" component, which gives students an opportunity to explore career areas. The success of the Learning Disabilities Program can be measured by the many students who have completed their academic programs at the college and gone on to meaningful and fulfilling careers.


  • specialized tutoring services
  • academic advisement
  • assistance with arranging appropriate accommodations such as extended time for examinations, exam readers, taped lectures, and peer notetakers
  • screen reading software
  • internship counseling
  • personal counseling/academic advisement
  • monthly program meetings

How to Register

  1. Register with the program coordinator as soon as possible at the beginning of the semester. Program staff will not be able to arrange a accommodations and interventions if you do not register.
  2. Bring documentation of your learning disability to your interview or arrange for the appropriate documentation to be sent to the coordinator. If you do not have documentation, you will be required to begin the process of obtaining documentation by the end of your first semester in the program.

How to Continue Receiving Services

  • Register with the program coordinator at the beginning of each semester. Program staff will not be able to arrange accommodations and interventions if you do not register. 
  • Meet with a member of the program staff three times per semester. One of these meetings should be held during the registration period for academic advisement.
  • Attend two monthly program meetings each semester.
  • Keep all tutoring appointments.

Important Information

You must apply to the coordinator for tutoring as early as possible in the semester. No tutoring applications will be accepted after the 10th week of the semester.

Requests for testing accommodations must be made 10 days before the exam.