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Manuscript collections

Our growing holdings of over 450 manuscript collections, most listed below, include more than 500,000 works on paper from primarily American designers from the late nineteenth century through the 1980s. The following list contains the unique identifiers, names of our collections, and some links out to associated catalog records or finding aids.

US.NNFIT.SC.1 Lucile, Lady Duff Gordon collection, 1915-1925
US.NNFIT.SC.2 Marimekko collection, 1967-1980
US.NNFIT.SC.3 Muriel King sketches, 1932-1943 
US.NNFIT.SC.4 Whittingham and Humphreys sketches, 1888-1914
US.NNFIT.SC.5 Nude Model Art Magazines from the 1920s and 1930s
US.NNFIT.SC.6 Davidow collection, 1927-1973
US.NNFIT.SC.7 Frederic L. Milton sketches, 1940-1958
US.NNFIT.SC.8 Mollie Parnis sketches, 1950-1984
US.NNFIT.SC.9 DuBarry Fashion Studios sketches, 1920-1950
US.NNFIT.SC.12 Herbert Sondheim sketches, 1926-1961
US.NNFIT.SC.11 Swansdown sketches, 1929-1952
US.NNFIT.SC.12 Francis Troy Stix sketches and clippings, 1934-1948
US.NNFIT.SC.13 Nettie Rosenstein sketches, 1952-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.14 Knox sketch collection, 1942-1958
US.NNFIT.SC.15 Harvey Berin sketches, 1942-1947
US.NNFIT.SC.16 Scrapbook of headgear images
US.NNFIT.SC.17 Larry Aldrich sketches, 1959-1975
US.NNFIT.SC.18 André sketches, 1931-1968
US.NNFIT.SC.19 Ben Thylan sketches, 1951-1963
US.NNFIT.SC.20 Bergdorf Goodman Custom Salon sketches, 1930-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.21 Berley Studios sketches, 1920-1928
US.NNFIT.SC.22 Harry Besserman photographs, 1960-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.23 Mary Blair sketches, 1960-1974
US.NNFIT.SC.24 Philip Bonfield sketches, 1940-1949
US.NNFIT.SC.25 Cardinal Fashion Studios sketch collection, 1946-1978
US.NNFIT.SC.26 Edith Sparag Studios sketches, 1950-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.27 B.H. Wragge collection, 1940-1971
US.NNFIT.SC.28 Sachs Brothers sketches, 1935-1939
US.NNFIT.SC.29 Joseph Love, Inc. collection, 1936-1967
US.NNFIT.SC.32 Esther Pivnick photographs, 1910
US.NNFIT.SC.33 Mark Mooring collection, 1923-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.34 Hampton Coat Co. sketches, 1923-1943
US.NNFIT.SC.35 Ira Renter & Miller Co. sketches, circa 1940-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.36 Monte Sano & Pruzan collection, 1926-1968
US.NNFIT.SC.37 Sydonia Golstein sketches, 1945-1960
US.NNFIT.SC.38 Claire McCardell collection, 1920-1956
US.NNFIT.SC.39 Mabel Johnston sketches, 1920-1939
US.NNFIT.SC.40 Sophie of Saks Fifth Avenue sketches, 1940-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.41 Jo Copeland collection, 1930-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.43 Mr. Daren sketch collection, 1940-1949
US.NNFIT.SC.44 Ruth Preston sketches and photographs, 1950-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.45 Kalle sketches, circa 1940-1949
US.NNFIT.SC.46 Joseph Whitehead sketches and photographs, 1926-1967
US.NNFIT.SC.47 Sills & Co. collection, 1935-1936, 1947-1977
US.NNFIT.SC.49 Kay Bell photographs, 1965
US.NNFIT.SC.51 Young Modes sketches and clippings, 1950-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.52 Harriet Meserole collection, 1924-1951
US.NNFIT.SC.53 John Derro costume sketches, undated
US.NNFIT.SC.54 Saul Bolsani collection, 1975
US.NNFIT.SC.55 Helen Charelle collection, 1940-1955
US.NNFIT.SC.56 Charles James collection, 1955-1977
US.NNFIT.SC.57 Max Walter furniture sketches, 1940-1950
US.NNFIT.SC.58 Cecil Beaton collection, 1950-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.59 Norma Clampit sketch collection, 1970-1983
US.NNFIT.SC.60 Marjorie McCown sketches, 1989
US.NNFIT.SC.61 Chic by H.I.S. sketch collection, 1988
US.NNFIT.SC.62 Felix Lallement embroidery sketches, 1870-1925
US.NNFIT.SC.63 Pat Sandler sketches, 1959-1962
US.NNFIT.SC.64 J. Rombola sketches, circa 1970
US.NNFIT.SC.66  Marjorie Freund collection, 1950-1970
US.NNFIT.SC.67 Peter Fink collection, circa 1955-1965
US.NNFIT.SC.68 Elinor Jenkins collection, 1940-1970
US.NNFIT.SC.69 Vera Maxwell sketches, 1972
US.NNFIT.SC.70 Gothé, Inc. sketch collection, 1940-1966
US.NNFIT.SC.71 Fay Kozuck sketches, 1950-1975
US.NNFIT.SC.72  Dorothy Jensen sketches, photographs, and clippings 1958-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.74  Ed Caracci sketches, 1973
US.NNFIT.SC.75  Halston sketches and photographs, 1964, 1980-1989 
US.NNFIT.SC.76  Yumiko Itoyama collection, 1985
US.NNFIT.SC.77  Luciano Soprani sketches and papers, 1985-1987
US.NNFIT.SC.78  Yves Saint Laurent sketches, 1971
US.NNFIT.SC.79 Irene McParland sketches, 1970-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.80  Tina Leser sketches and records, 1940-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.81 Bonnie Cashin collection, 1953-1977
US.NNFIT.SC.82  Frank Hays collection, 1953-1986
US.NNFIT.SC.83  Vivian Wang sketches, 1985-1987
US.NNFIT.SC.84  Tom Drew sketches, 1985-1987
US.NNFIT.SC.85  Louis Dell'Olio sketches, 1973
US.NNFIT.SC.86  Bennett sketch collection, undated
US.NNFIT.SC.88  Fashion and Broadway collection, 1955-1985
US.NNFIT.SC.89  Young Winston film collection
US.NNFIT.SC.90  James Daugherty sketch collection, 1960-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.91 Irene sketches, 1945
US.NNFIT.SC.92  Carlos Nei sketches, 1906-1927
US.NNFIT.SC.95  Morton Levine Fashion Studio sketch collection, 1979-1985
US.NNFIT.SC.96  Lenor Mendez sketches, 1940-1947
US.NNFIT.SC.97  Norman Norell collection, 1936-1947
US.NNFIT.SC.98  Tailored Woman photographs, 1950-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.100  Robert Dudley sketches, 1933-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.101  Ethel Darling sketch collection, 1926-1933
US.NNFIT.SC.103  Theodore A. Kohn collection 1903-1916

Seymour Troy collection, 1936-1977, bulk 1936-1940

US.NNFIT.SC.106 Calvin Klein sketch collection, 1987
US.NNFIT.SC.107 Karl Lagerfeld sketches, 1974-1975
US.NNFIT.SC.108 Emme collection, 1950-1969

Lilly Daché sketch collection, 1950-1969

US.NNFIT.SC.110 Jerry Miller collection, 1950-1989
US.NNFIT.SC.111 Miscellaneous Women's fashion plates, 1520-1920
 US.NNFIT.SC.115 Michel Warren sketch collection, 1955
US.NNFIT.SC.116 Peter Todd Mitchell collection, 1940-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.121 Rebecca Blake collection
US.NNFIT.SC.122 John Anthony sketches, 1980-1989
US.NNFIT.SC.123 Wool Bureau sketches, 1967-1968
US.NNFIT.SC.124 Evelyn Dawson sketches, 1949-1963

Lord and Taylor collection, 1826-2010

US.NNFIT.SC.126 Sue Brett photographs, 1960-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.127 Frank Leslie's Lady's Magazine broadside
US.NNFIT.SC.128 Lee Evans papers, 1950-1969
 US.NNFIT.SC.131 George Stavropoulos collection, 1966-1976
 US.NNFIT.SC.132 Adele Simpson collection, 1932-1970
 US.NNFIT.SC.133 René Gruau Miss Dior lithograph
 US.NNFIT.SC.134 Jeffrey Beuglet sketches, 1970-1979
 US.NNFIT.SC.137 Arthur Englander press kits, 1983-1986

International costume carte de visites, 1860-1880

 US.NNFIT.SC.139 Mary Ann Restivo collection, 1959-1991
 US.NNFIT.SC.140 Jacques Fath collection, 1949-1974
 US.NNFIT.SC.141 Mary Shannon papers, 1928-1969
 US.NNFIT.SC.143 Maria Monaci Gallenga fashion plate, circa 1910-1920
 US.NNFIT.SC.146 A. Beller & Co. fashion sketches, circa 1914-1929
 US.NNFIT.SC.147 Madame Margé fashion collection, 1920-1939
 US.NNFIT.SC.148 Gloria Sachs collection
US.NNFIT.SC.149 Elizabeth Hawes papers, 1960-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.150 Theadora Van Runkle sketches, 1972
US.NNFIT.SC.151 Barbara Schwinn-Jordan sketches, 1920-1952
US.NNFIT.SC.152 Gianni Versace photographs, 1991-1992
US.NNFIT.SC.153 Byron Lars sketches, 1986
US.NNFIT.SC.155 Masaaki Kawashima sketches, 1963
US.NNFIT.SC.156 Charles Contreri sketch, 1947
US.NNFIT.SC.157 Jeff Sayre sketch, 1970
US.NNFIT.SC.158 Milton Aion jewelry photographs, undated
US.NNFIT.SC.159 John Paul Gozett sketches, 1950-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.160 Youssef Rizkallah sketches, 1955-1985
US.NNFIT.SC.161  Auguste Felix sketches, 1859-1869
US.NNFIT.SC.162 Robert Melendez fashion illustrations, 1974-1988
US.NNFIT.SC.163 David Evins sketches, 1960-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.164 Ramon Esparza papers, circa 1987-1988
US.NNFIT.SC.165 Bill Haire sketches and papers, 1950-1990
US.NNFIT.SC.166 Adrian exhibition papers, 1920-1970 (bulk 1970-1972)
US.NNFIT.SC.168 M. Michel sketches, undated
US.NNFIT.SC.169 Betty Brader-Ashley illustrations, 1960s
US.NNFIT.SC.170 Balinese costume sketches, undated
US.NNFIT.SC.171 Lord & Taylor centennial correspondence, 1926
US.NNFIT.SC.172 Women's Wear Journal scrapbook, 1868

Lingerie advertisements, 1906-1930

US.NNFIT.SC.174 Jean Dessès sketches, 1962-1970
US.NNFIT.SC.175 Coty awards papers, 1975-1985
US.NNFIT.SC.176 Rosetta Wineman sketches, 1926-1931
US.NNFIT.SC.177 Ohrbachs Department Store photographs, 1940-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.178 Thierry Mugler sketches, 1982-1993
US.NNFIT.SC.179 Miscellaneous Millinery fashion plates, circa 1882-1888
US.NNFIT.SC.180 Elizabeth Korn sketches, 1930-1939
US.NNFIT.SC.181 Bergdorf Goodman oral histories, 1994
US.NNFIT.SC.182 Fragrance Foundation oral histories, 1993
US.NNFIT.SC.183 Fay Stofsky sketches, 1920-1934
US.NNFIT.SC.184 Donald Brooks sketches, 1986
US.NNFIT.SC.185 Walter Gerson sketches, 1984
US.NNFIT.SC.186 George Leib linen industry collection, 1941-1951

Frances Neady collection of original fashion illustrations, 1913-

US.NNFIT.SC.190 Daily news record sketches, 1992-1993
US.NNFIT.SC.191 B. Altman window display photograph collection
US.NNFIT.SC.194 Ann Cox Originals sketches, 1957
US.NNFIT.SC.195 Pierre Simon sketches
US.NNFIT.SC.196 Judith Leiber collection, 1999-2000
US.NNFIT.SC.197 Glenn Behrens sketches, 1956-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.198 Louis Féraud prints, 1992
US.NNFIT.SC.199 James Galanos sketches, 1970-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.200 New York Dress Institute collection, 1955-1970
US.NNFIT.SC.201 Tom Benrimo sketches, 1930-1939
US.NNFIT.SC.202 Rose Simon sketch and oral history collection, 1950-1963
US.NNFIT.SC.204 Faie Joyce papers, 1960-1972
US.NNFIT.SC.206 Miscellaneous Shoe sketches, 1980-1989
US.NNFIT.SC.207 Emanuele Ungaro sketches, 1970-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.208 Joe Eula sketches, 1960-1990s
US.NNFIT.SC.209 Nina Hyde collection, 1914-1996

Arsho Baghsarian shoe design collection, 1963-2008

US.NNFIT.SC.212 Bob Bugnand collection, 1958-2000
US.NNFIT.SC.213 Photography Department photographs, circa 1968-1990

Eleanor Lambert collection, 1943-2003

US.NNFIT.SC.215 Cohen family papers
US.NNFIT.SC.217 Edward Moir collection

May Connor papers, 1890-1915

US.NNFIT.SC.219 Jack Potter Illustration
US.NNFIT.SC.220 Francine Gray sketch collection
US.NNFIT.SC.222 J.B. Martin and Company point papers, 1900-1960
US.NNFIT.SC.224 Robert Passantino sketch collection, 1973-2010

 Eric de Juan sketch collection, 1927-1989

US.NNFIT.SC.226 Jeanne Addison pattern collection, 1920-1990
US.NNFIT.SC.227 Les Affiches Illustrées poster collection, 1886-1897
US.NNFIT.SC.228 Sara Carles Johns sketches
US.NNFIT.SC.229 John W. English collection of documents relating to the Atrium Awards for journalistic excellence in reporting on the American garment industry, 1982-1999
US.NNFIT.SC.230 Isabella Jacob pattern collection, 1940-1965
US.NNFIT.SC.232 Record of photographers and models in Vogue, 1939-1940
US.NNFIT.SC.237 Elsa Klensch papers, 1985-1993

Eric de Juan sketches, 1927-1989

US.NNFIT.SC.242 Hattie Carnegie sketches, 1940-1955
US.NNFIT.SC.250 Aline Bernstein sketches and watercolors, c. 1955
US.NNFIT.SC.259 Ray Kellman photographs, 1950-1990
US.NNFIT.SC.264 Harper’s Bazaar textile swatch collection, 1959-1974
US.NNFIT.SC.266  Miscellaneous Fancy Dress Costume pages, 1898-1901
US.NNFIT.SC.267  Joseph A. Osina collection, 1964-1966
US.NNFIT.SC.275   Sara Ripault collection, 1949-1974
US.NNFIT.SC.278   Sylvia Pedlar collection, 1946-1976
US.NNFIT.SC.283 Bridal collection, 1891, 1920s-1950s
US.NNFIT.SC.284 Helena Rubinstein collection, 1953-2011
US.NNFIT.SC.286   Comme des Garçons postcards, 1987
US.NNFIT.SC.289  Steven Cervantes illustrations
US.NNFIT.SC.291 Views and Reviews, Department Store Window Display photographs, 1940-1942
US.NNFIT.SC.292  Lee Roscoe Instant Dress papers, 1972-1980
US.NNFIT.SC.293  Seymour Moss Jewelry designs, 1946-1988
US.NNFIT.SC.296  Vogue Textiles papers and swatches, 1951-1970
US.NNFIT.SC.297  Arnold Scaasi fashion sketches and swatches, 1966-1992
US.NNFIT.SC.298 Beth Levine collection, 1951-1975
US.NNFIT.SC.300 Estelle Ellis advertising papers, 1955-1994
US.NNFIT.SC.301  William Low Old Penn Station papers and illustrations, 2005
US.NNFIT.SC.302 Silvia Von Hagen textile designs, 1950-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.303   Richard Drovetto fashion sketches, 1968-1990
US.NNFIT.SC.304   Fred Greenhill fashion illustrations, circa 1985
US.NNFIT.SC.306 Women's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences papers, 1922
US.NNFIT.SC.307 Vintage photographs, circa 1890-1960
US.NNFIT.SC.308 Leather Tanning and Crusting photographs, circa 1940s
US.NNFIT.SC.309 Department store window photographs
US.NNFIT.SC.310 Ohrbach's store window photographs
US.NNFIT.SC.311 Halston sketches and photographs, circa 1964, 1980-1989
US.NNFIT.SC.312 McDowell garment drafting machine, 1901
US.NNFIT.SC.313 Hope Dewar Hendler sketches, 1955
US.NNFIT.SC.314 Paris collections fashion papers, 1948-1963
US.NNFIT.SC.315 Lorraine Budny collection, 1935-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.316 The Moonshiner 
US.NNFIT.SC.317 Jamel Shabazz photographs, 1980-2010
US.NNFIT.SC.318 Elissa D'Elia photographs, 2001 
US.NNFIT.SC.319 Ferragamo press clippings, 1988 
US.NNFIT.SC.320 Carmel Snow press release photographs, 1955
 US.NNFIT.SC.321 Sirena swimwear collection, 1959-1987
US.NNFIT.SC.322  Laurence Arthur Nelson uniform designs, circa 1984
US.NNFIT.SC.323  Christian Dior designs, 1970-1971
US.NNFIT.SC.324  Original women's fashion sketches, 1920s, 1950s
US.NNFIT.SC.325  Donald Brown scrapbook, circa 1936
US.NNFIT.SC.326  Miscellaneous illustrations
US.NNFIT.SC.327  Daniel Teoli photographs
US.NNFIT.SC.328 Simon Robert Newey collection, 1959-2013
US.NNFIT.SC.329 Condé Nast christmas prints
US.NNFIT.SC.330  George Stavrinos for Bergdorf Goodman posters, 1982-1983
US.NNFIT.SC.331  Miscellaneous poster prints, 1895-1900
US.NNFIT.SC.332 Stephen Burrows collection
US.NNFIT.SC.333 Jacqui Morgan posters & illustrations, 1980s-1990s
US.NNFIT.SC.334 American ballet clippings, 1938-1941 
US.NNFIT.SC.335 John Ansado sketch collection
US.NNFIT.SC.336 Rosine perfume fans
US.NNFIT.SC.337 Michel Malard sketches, 1964-1966
US.NNFIT.SC.338 Tobé Coller Davis papers, 1947
US.NNFIT.SC.339 Hermès packaging collection, 2014
US.NNFIT.SC.340 Audrey Schilt for Ralph Lauren sketches, 2002-2004
US.NNFIT.SC.341 Sam and Bea Traub photos, 1950s-1970s
US.NNFIT.SC.342 Designer Shoe Guild press photos, 1969-1970
US.NNFIT.SC.344 Paula Carbone collection, 1950-2003
US.NNFIT.SC.346 Steven Stipelman fashion illustration collection, 2009-2014
US.NNFIT.SC.347 Valerie Fuchs collection, 1944
US.NNFIT.SC.349 Eileen Ford memorial service program, 2014
US.NNFIT.SC.350 Oscar de la Renta memorial service program, 2014
 US.NNFIT.SC.351 Pageant-Party of the Year 1966 sketches, 1966
US.NNFIT.SC.353 Miscellaneous fashion sketches, 1910-1950
US.NNFIT.SC.354 Elihu Rose fashion photographs, 1951-1959
US.NNFIT.SC.355 Alan Rosenberg collection, 1980-2012
US.NNFIT.SC.356 Carol Marini fashion sketch collection, 1950s-1960s
US.NNFIT.SC.357 Esprit collection, 1984-1987
US.NNFIT.SC.358 The Roundtable of Fashion Executives records, 1949-2011
US.NNFIT.SC.359 Fira Benenson fashion illustrations, 1940
US.NNFIT.SC.360 Ginette de Paris collection, 1926-1953
US.NNFIT.SC.361 Armani/Silos Posteitaliane folio

Ruth Finley collection

US.NNFIT.SC.363  The Traphagen School of Fashion stationary 
US.NNFIT.SC.364 Dr. Swasey invoices, 1860s-1880s
US.NNFIT.SC.365  Sidney Vlock collection, 1935-1949
US.NNFIT.SC.366  Janet A. Sloane collection, 1913-1993 (bulk 1960-1992)
US.NNFIT.SC.368  William fashion illustrations, 1950s
US.NNFIT.SC.369  Harper Bazaar fashion illustrations, 1940-1942 
US.NNFIT.SC.370 Cheryl Rosenfeld collection, 1961-2000
US.NNFIT.SC.371 Wallace Sloves sketch collection, 1980s-1990s
US.NNFIT.SC.373 Christian Bérard illustration and letter, 1936-1946

Marc Bohan for Christian Dior sketches, 1965-1967

US.NNFIT.SC.376 Photograph of Eleanor Lambert, 1932

Shocking de Schiaparelli bath sponges, c. 1940


Shocking de Schiaparelli cosmetic products c. 1940


Calvin Klein tie swatch books, 1982-1986

US.NNFIT.SC.381   Bergdorf Goodman hatboxes
US.NNFIT.SC.382 Sally Victor collection, 1930-1977
US.NNFIT.SC.383 Misc. subscription service illustrations
US.NNFIT.SC.384 Barbie promotional materials, 2014
US.NNFIT.SC.385 The Future of Beauty symposium program, 1989
US.NNFIT.SC.386 Karen Trivette collection
US.NNFIT.SC.387 Nancy North photographs and sketches
US.NNFIT.SC.388 Corduroy Council of America records, 1963-1976
US.NNFIT.SC.389 Vanity Fair Intimates papers, 1949-1953
US.NNFIT.SC.390 Vincent Coppola papers, 1923-1952
US.NNFIT.SC.391   Bonwit Teller scrapbooks, 1957-1960
US.NNFIT.SC.392 Fannie Sylvar papers, 1938-1953
US.NNFIT.SC.393 Schiller Bros. papers, 1929-1968
US.NNFIT.SC.394 Mr. John papers, 1950-1954
US.NNFIT.SC.395  Amos Parrish papers, 1921-1931
US.NNFIT.SC.396 Mainbocher scrapbooks, 1938-1970
US.NNFIT.SC.397 B. Altman & Co. collection, 1887-1987
 US.NNFIT.SC.398  David Kaplan collection
 US.NNFIT.SC.399 Denim Council scrapbooks
US.NNFIT.SC.400 Eta Hentz papers, 1934-1948
US.NNFIT.SC.401 Leah Asteroff scrapbooks
US.NNFIT.SC.402 Nathalie Perrson notebook, 1914-1919
US.NNFIT.SC.403 Betty Jane Cooke collection, 1959-1962
US.NNFIT.SC.404 Miguel Izaguirre-Dorian scrapbook, 1937
 US.NNFIT.SC.405 Colin Birch papers, 1980-1987
US.NNFIT.SC.406 Hannah Troy papers, 1970-1979
US.NNFIT.SC.407 Papillon Ltd. scrapbook, 1970-1974
 US.NNFIT.SC.408 Phillip Reilly correspondence, 1939
US.NNFIT.SC.409  Helen Lourie Markwett papers, 1929-1936
US.NNFIT.SC.410 Marcel Vertès prints
US.NNFIT.SC.411 Everfast Fabrics scrapbooks, 1931-1959
 US.NNFIT.SC.412 Esquire production materials
 US.NNFIT.SC.413 Vally Wieselthier collection, 1920-1946

Billy Baldwin scrapbooks, 1976


US.NNFIT.SC.416  Jane Bixby Weller collection, 1939-1975
US.NNFIT.SC.417 Jill Hemmingway collection
US.NNFIT.SC.418 UCE of FIT records, 1982-2011
US.NNFIT.SC.419 Morton Kaish collection, 1958-1976
US.NNFIT.SC.420 Libby Paine collection, 1930-1979

The Helen Larson Private Collection catalog, 2018

US.NNFIT.SC.422 Martin Unger sketches, 1960s, bulk 1966-1967
US.NNFIT.SC.423 State University of New York records, 2018-
US.NNFIT.SC.425 Man-Sew Corporation patents, 1933-1965
US.NNFIT.SC.426 Container Corporation of America Color Harmony Index, 1941-1942


US.NNFIT.SC.427  No Mend Hosiery sample books, 1932-1942
US.NNFIT.SC.428 J. Claude Freres & Co. dye sample books, 1891-1930
US.NNFIT.SC.429 National Silk Company dye sample books, 1911-1918
US.NNFIT.SC.430 Sandoz dye sample books
US.NNFIT.SC.431 Types of Fashionable Cotton Fabrics sample books, 1931-1935
US.NNFIT.SC.432 The Ostwald Colour Album
US.NNFIT.SC.433 Colours for Men's Wear, 1938-1939
US.NNFIT.SC.434 Fuller catalog and counter book
US.NNFIT.SC.435 Belmont Yarn Corp stock color samples
US.NNFIT.SC.436 These are the Cotton Classics of 1934


US.NNFIT.SC.437  Chambre Syndicale des Agents-Représentants pour l'Exportation dye sample books
US.NNFIT.SC.438 Flock Sales Inc. textile samples
US.NNFIT.SC.439 Wonoco Yard Co. yarn samples, 1941
US.NNFIT.SC.440  Truman Bailey textile samples, 1942
US.NNFIT.SC.441  Geigy Company Inc. dye samples
US.NNFIT.SC.442  National Association of Leather Glove   Manufacturer leather samples, 1942
 US.NNFIT.SC.443  Spring Mills textile samples, 1940-1949
 US.NNFIT.SC.444  National Aniline & Chemical Co. dye samples,   1930-1939
 US.NNFIT.SC.445  Crompton-Richamond Co. corduroy and   velveteen sample   books

 The Educational Foundation of the Fashion   Industries records

US.NNFIT.SC.447  Miscellaneous costume plates
US.NNFIT.SC.448 Original illustrations from Encyclopedia Brittanica, 11th editions, 1910
US.NNFIT.SC.449 Designer runway slides, 1980-1989
US.NNFIT.SC.450 Continental Airlines stewardess uniforms scrapbook, 1970
US.NNFIT.SC.451 Norman Lerner collection, 1950-1969
US.NNFIT.SC.452 Thierry Mugler collection, 1989-1998
US.NNFIT.SC.453 Carte de Nuances de la Chambre Syndicale des Teinturiers, Printemps 1937
US.NNFIT.SC.454 George Carmel collection
US.NNFIT.SC.455 Larry Steckman collection
US.NNFIT.SC.456 Robert Vassalotti shopping bags, 1980-1989