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Registering with FIT-ABLE

If you have had accommodations in high school or at a previous institution or think you might benefit from support, we encourage you to register with FIT-ABLE.


  1. Fill out our Public Accommodation Request Form
  2. Submit any Documentation either uploaded via the Public Accommodation Request Form, emailed to [email protected] faxed to 212-217-4091, or delivered to:

                         Office of Disability Support Services
                        Room A570
                        Fashion Institute of Technology
                        227 W. 27th Street
                        New York, NY 10001



If you do not have documentation or have never been diagnosed, you can still meet with a counselor and discuss your situation.

  1. Check your FIT email for instructions on how to schedule an appointment via your FIT-ABLE Portal
  2. Schedule an “Initial Intake Meeting” with any available counselor.

Registration is a voluntary process and may occur at any time during the student’s course of study, however, it is recommended that requests are made with enough time to be reasonably implemented.  Accommodations will be implemented after approval by FIT-ABLE and are not retroactive to the beginning of the semester. 

Students who wish to document a disability may include, but are not limited to:

  • Students entering the College for the first time or returning after a period of non-enrollment, who have a known disability;
  • Students experiencing educational difficulty who are referred by a faculty member or College official for consultation regarding the possibility of disability; and
  • Students whose health and/or physical abilities are altered during their educational tenure resulting in a disability (permanent or temporary).

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