Online Ordering

Preparing and Emailing Your Job

order instructions diagram, complete instructions are in the page text

Complete pdf order form. Submit psd, jpeg, tiff, ai, pdf, stl file formats only. Orders will be rejected if other formats, including psb files are submitted. Create a folder labeled with your name and date and copy the files inside. Email the folder to [email protected]. See detailed steps below.

Student Responsibility

  • Know our paper sizes in relation to your file and requested print sizes. Margin guidelines below.
  • Email both file(s) and form(s) simultaneously and only once! Sending duplicate orders may not be caught by Printfx staff resulting in you paying twice! Check your 'Sent' folder to confirm that your job was sent successfully
  • Respond in a timely manner to PrintFX's email notifications that we've either placed your job on hold or rejected it due to your errors. If you've been contacted and need to correct your job, the turnaround time will change based on the time you responded to us
  • Review our job turnaround times and hours of operation prior to job submission. No rush orders until further notice. If you request a rush order via email, your job will be rejected.
  • Review our policies and procedures prior to job submission
  • Review our services and pricing guide to help you decide on a service and to help calculate your cost
  • Pay at time of pick-up (for currently enrolled students)

Margin guidelines: 
Inkjet sheets & rolls;  laser prints -- No borderless printing. 1/8 - 1/4" uneven border around paper.
Vinyl cutting -- 24" vinyl rolls. File should be no larger than 21" in width.
Riso printing -- 10x16 files only. Leave a 1/2" border around file.
Laser cutting -- Maximum material & file size is 24"x48". Leave 1/4" around entire laser cut file.

Step One

Download a fillable pdf order form below, save it to your local computer drive, open and complete it using Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Step Two

Prepare and save your pdf order form(s) and file(s).  We accept tif, jpeg, pdf, psd, ai and stl files only.

Button pins: Include a completed button pin template with your completed Button Pin order form.

Spiral binding: Include both a completed Laser Printing and Binding order form along with your files. We don't accept hardcopies printed outside of PrintFX.

*Departments: If you're paying using a budget transfer, please include a signed PrintFX Supplies Reimbursement Authorization form (.pdf).  Details below.  Form is a pdf and rquires Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Step Three

Create a folder labeled with your name and date onto your local computer drive and place a copy of your file(s), order form(s) and any other necessary documents inside.

Step Four

Connect to your FIT Google Drive associated with your FIT email address (your job will be rejected if you use a non-FIT email address). Upload the folder and share it with [email protected]. You may also send *Please don't send your order twice! If it's in your sent folder, we received it!


Review our self-help video quick guides and answers to common questions regarding file size, margins, fonts, images, bleeds, trim marks, resolution, color accuracy, acceptable file formats, etc.

Can't stop by to see our paper and fabric sample book? Check out this helpful paper and fabric sample video!  Still have questions? Call (212) 217-5470.

Services and Pricing Guides

Review the Services & Pricing guide (.pdf) for all services. View specific service guides and detailed information for PrintFX services and Fablab services. Guide is a pdf which requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround time depends on the service. Unfortunately we're not able to accommodate your requests to complete jobs at a specific time within the 24hr timeframe. Rush turnaround time has been suspended until further notice. 


Contact staff if you need to cancel your order which is possible if it hasn't already been processed.  If your job's already been processed, you're responsible for the full cost of your job even if you decide you no longer need it. 

Payment and Job Pick Up

After receiving an email notification that your job is complete, add funds to your FIT ID card in eAccounts portal. Come to Pomerantz Center, Room D529A to pay (by self-swiping your ID) and pick up your job.  Please see our video guide, Adding funds to your eAccount for step-by-step instructions. Orders must be paid for / picked up within 1-2 weeks after your order's been processed. 


Please complete a PrintFX Supply Reimbursement Authorization Form (.pdf).  Email it along with your order form(s) and file(s).  PrintFX staff will reply with an estimated cost.  Double that amount for Rush jobs. Reply with your approval via email. Please note that the turnaround time does not start for your order until you approve the cost. If we don't receive the approval within 3 business days, the job will be cancelled. Reimbursements approved after April 15th will be transferred in the following fiscal year. Form is a pdf and requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader.


Staff approval required. No commercial work. 30% surcharge. Extended pickup turnaround times. Rush pickup unavailable. Prove alumni status by emailing staff using your FIT affiliated Gmail to send your job. Prepay by adding funds to a PrintFX supplied guest card (pdf). Guide is a pdf that requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader.