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Noncredit Digital Badges

FIT’s Center for Continuing and Professional Studies is offering digital badges to help students authenticate and communicate the skills they’ve learned in the classroom and how those skills translate to their career. Digital badges will allow students to easily communicate and share their achievements, share their badge with social media sites like LinkedIn, and incorporate them on their resume and their personal website.
Frequently Asked Questions

Creative Workforce of the Future

  • UX/UI

    • User Interface (UI) Design
    • User Experience (UX) Design
    • UX/UI Master Certification
  • Digital Experience Design

    • Motion Graphics
    • Front-end Website Development Fundamentals
    • Unity XR: AR, MR, VR Development
  • Branding and Digital Transformation

    • Data-Driven Design for Digital Marketing and Social Media
    • New Creatives Advertising Portfolio
    • Strategy Planning for Advertising
  • Fashion Tech & Design

    • Introduction to Browzwear's VStitcher
    • Introduction to CLO's 3D Garment Visualization

Business and Technology

  • Brand Management: Creating & Managing A Benchmark Fashion Brand
  • Brand Strategies for a Sustainable and Purpose Economy
  • Omni-Channel Management
  • Personal Branding and Marketing
  • Predictive Analytics for Retail and Fashion

Art and Design

  • Color Specialist for Art, Design, and Fashion-Related
  • Costume Design and Wardrobe Technician
  • Fashion Styling Fundamentals
  • Fashion Styling: Advanced


Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically earns them?
Current continuing education students; FIT alumni; corporate-based learners; workshop participants.

What is required to earn the badge?
Completion of a listed noncredit certificate.

When are they typically issued?
When the student successfully completes the criteria to earn the badge.

Where can they be shared?
Social and professional networks; resumes and CVs; portfolios; email and text.