COVID-19 Testing

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Report Positive COVID-19 Test Results

All students and employees are required to report their positive COVID-19 test results. This testing may have been done at home, at an off-campus testing facility, or at FIT's Health Services. See below for details on how to report your results to FIT. 

How to Submit Your Test Results

Here are the ways you can send your test results to FIT Health Services: 

  • Online via the Health Services portal:
    1. Log in to the FIT Health Services portal (note: this portal is for both employees and students) with your FIT username and password
    2. Click Document Upload
    3. Under Document Type, select "COVID-19 Test Result – Negative or Not Detected" or "COVID-19 Test Result – Positive or Detected"
    4. Click Browse to browse for your COVID-19 Test Result file
    5. Click Save
  • Fax to (844) 941-1991 or (212) 217-4191
  • Email to [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding testing, please contact Health Services via the FIT Health Services portal, or email [email protected].

Results from testing performed by FIT Health Services in the Great Hall is already posted in the portal; there is no need to upload these results.  

Free On-Campus Testing

Testing is no longer required of the unvaccinated, but if you believe you may have contracted COVID-19, free testing is provided by FIT Health Services. Appointments can be made online via the Health Services portal or by calling (212) 217-4190. If you are tested by Health Services, any positive test is automatically reported to the college—you do not need to upload your results to the portal.

Off-Campus Testing

Here are some COVID-19 testing facilities near FIT:

For other testing locations, visit  

Free Vaccinations and Boosters on Campus

Moderna COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are available on campus to employees and students. Log in to the FIT Health Services portal to schedule an appointment. Answers to frequently asked questions about vaccines can be found on the SUNY Know Your Vax site.

If you opt to be vaccinated at FIT, you will be able to work/take classes on campus while you are in between doses and not yet fully vaccinated, provided that you adhere to required health and safety protocols set forth by the college and that you continue to submit a weekly negative COVID-19 PCR test result. 


Check out our FAQ About Mandated Vaccines and Testing for answers.

FIT Health Services, within the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success (EMSS), is responsible for all aspects of COVID-19 testing protocols. Additionally, training of staff assisting with the intake and data collection process, as well as the administrative details involved with managing the process, flow, and communication details, will be conducted by Health Services in concert with Residential Life and Human Resources.