Residence Halls

Vaccination Requirement—Residential Students

FIT requires all students living in campus-operated residence halls to be fully vaccinated prior to occupancy for the fall 2022 term, with limited medical and religious exemptions only as specified below. This is independent of the FDA approval process and goes into effect immediately. Please be sure to upload your vaccination card information to the FIT Health Services portal.

Medical and Religious Exemptions

Students intending to live in campus residence halls who wish to request a medical or religious exemption from the vaccination requirement must have submitted a petition for exemption to FIT Health Services. Exemptions are made by FIT Health Services and are separate from the Residential Life housing process. Call Health Services at (212) 217-4190.

International Students 

The CDC and New York State Department of Health have recommended that completing a WHO-approved vaccine series is acceptable as proof of being fully vaccinated.  The current list of WHO-approved vaccines is available online. A vaccine is approved if "Finalized" appears in the column called "Status of Assessment."

International students who cannot obtain a WHO-approved vaccine prior to coming to campus will be permitted to move into the residence halls and will be required to obtain a vaccine upon their arrival. International students will be required to participate in routine testing until their vaccination course is completed.

Diagnostic Testing 

FIT Health Services is responsible for overseeing the care of students exposed to COVID-19.

Resident students who have any symptoms of COVID-19 should contact FIT Health Services the first day they are ill, even if symptoms are mild. This applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated students. These students can be tested on campus, free of charge. Those who test positive with an at-home test or at an off-campus facility are responsible for notifying Health Services of their positive COVID-19 test result.  Find details on the COVID-19 Testing page. 

FIT Health Services provides testing, vaccinations, and boosters to students and employees in the Business and Liberal Arts Center Lobby, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Isolation and Quarantine Responsibilities

  • Resident student who test positive will be required to isolate either in their rooms or in designated spaces on campus, following all instructions and guidelines issued by FIT. COVID-19 positive individuals will be required to isolate for five (5) days or until they are cleared by FIT Health Services.
  • Rooms have been set aside for students whose roommates test positive and want to temporarily relocate.

Mask Requirements in Residence Halls

  • Students must wear masks at all times in common spaces throughout the residence halls regardless of vaccination status.
  • Students do not need to wear a mask when eating/drinking or using bathroom facilities but must wear a mask when going to and from such spaces.
  • Students do not need to wear a mask in their own room/suite when only their roommate(s) is present or when they are alone in their own room/suite.
  • Students must wear a mask in their own room/suite or someone else’s room/suite when with other residents who are not their roommate.


  • Fully vaccinated students are no longer required to test or quarantine when returning to the residence halls.

Students found to be in violation of any of the policies or procedures listed above will be subject to disciplinary proceedings, which may include immediate removal from the residence halls. FIT Residential Life reserves the right to amend, update, or change these policies at any time due to changes in the campus environment, local conditions, city, state, or federal guidance or ordinance.