Institute Supérieur de Communication et Publicité

Program Type: Exchange

Institut Supérieur de Communication et Publicité (ISCOM), centrally located in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, has established itself as a premier training institute for students of advertising and communications over the past 30 years. Students are immersed in the professional world through their strong alumni network and industry partnerships, as well as having industry professionals serving on the faculty. Located in the cultural center of Paris, campus is walking distance from Palais Garnier, Jardin des Tuileries, and the Champs-Élysées.


Spring semester: not an option for Spring 2023


  • Minimum GPA 3.0
  • Matriculation in a Bachelor's degree program
  • Marketing Communications students must obtain academic advisement and the approval of the department chair. MC students may participate in their 6th semester (Spring only)

Course Information

FIT students choose from pre-set ISCOM modules for their time abroad in order to transfer back the appropriate credits to FIT. Each module has several ISCOM courses that equate to one FIT course. As ISCOM is not an exchange program, any online FIT courses will be charged at the applicable per-credit hour tuition rate in addition to the ISCOM tuition. Your schedules in Paris will be created based on the courses you select and times of classes may vary week-to-week.

Students going to ISCOM will take a choice of 4+ modules (the equivalent of 12+ FIT credits). All courses are taught in English. 

  1. Public Relations Module (equivalent to FIT's AC321)
    Includes ISCOM's two modules: a. Public Relations & Event Management and b. Current Events & Press Reviews
  2.  Campaign Development Module (equivalent to FIT's AC300)
    Includes ISCOM's two courses: a. Communications, Recommendations & Pitching and b. Micro Agency and c. Media Strategy & ROI
  3. IMC Computer Applications Module (equivalent to FIT's AC361)
    Includes ISCOM's course: a. Graphic Design
  4. Foreign Language Module (equivalent to FIT's FRXXX, choice of beginner or intermediate)
    Includes ISCOM's two courses: a. French as a Foreign Language and b. French Culture
  5.  Cross Cultural Studies Module (equivalent to FIT's SS374)
    Includes ISCOM's two courses: a. Trends & Society and b. Intercultural Management
  6. International Marketing Module (equivalent to an FIT AC major-area elective)
    Includes ISCOM's three courses: a. International Market Research, b. Sectorial Marketing, and c. Consumer Behavior
  7.  EITHER*
    1. International IMC Internship Module**  (equivalent to an FIT AC major-area elective)
      Includes the two parts of a. ISCOM's course for study abroad internship advisement and b. the internship itself (one-month internship at a French agency, company or brand (unpaid, in English)
    2. Marketing Competition Module (equivalent to an FIT AC major-area elective)
      Includes ISCOM's 10-day Marketing Competition where students work in groups to implement a marketing strategy for a real company

Academic Calendar

ISCOM does not post their Academic Calendar until closer to the beginning of the term. Typically the dates are from early February through early June. Return date may go into early July if the student chooses the internship module, as it is concentrated at the end of the semester. Students are expected to arrive the weekend before orientation begins and that information will be provided by ISCOM after nomination. 


Students are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements for the duration of their stay. ISCOM does not provide student housing. Keep in mind that Paris is a large city, like NYC, and students may encounter similar challenges as they look for housing.

Information to review:

  1. ISCOM is a partner of Studapart, a student housing service where you can find rentals close to ISCOM. Use the code: HOUSINGISCOM.
  2. Estudines is a student residence hall network that many of our partners use in Paris and it's surrounding areas.
  3. List of housing options and contacts that ISCOM has prepared for incoming students.
  4. Websites for accommodations that ISCOM has shared (in French).

Study Visa

Students will be required to apply for a Long-Stay Visa for the duration of their stay in France. Students are encouraged to carefully review the visa preparation site that we have prepared. Supporting documentation will be provided after approval.

Health & Wellness

Health Insurance

FIT requires all students to be covered in the U.S. and internationally for the duration of their study abroad program. Two types of coverage are required:

1. FIT requires students to be covered abroad for the duration of their program. This policy is mandatory, therefore students cannot waive it.

  • Coverage abroad: UHC Study Abroad Insurance
    *Students will be enrolled and account will be billed before start of program. More detailed information about coverage and claims processes will be provided post-approval. 

2. FIT requires students to be covered in the U.S. for the duration of their program. Students may waive the Haylor insurance using the standard waiver process if they already have a U.S. based insurance policy with equal or better coverage.


ISCOM provides a quality learning environment for all of their students and they offer access initiatives to address and support students' needs. For more details, see the ISCOM site here.

Program Budget

See: ISCOM Financial Budget Sheet (Google Doc)

A copy of this form may be brought to Financial Aid Services so that a careful review of your program costs may be completed by an assigned financial aid counselor.


See: Paying for Study Abroad

Application, Instructions and Preparations

How to apply