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Program Type: Semester Study Abroad

Florence University of the Arts (FUA)located in Florence, Italy, was founded to promote and renew the creative disciplines by going beyond the classroom and integrating students into the multicultural societies and creative presences in Florence. FUA students learn to deeply understand the principles of the past and how they are present in today’s context and transform learning, knowledge and cultural experiences into instruments that shape tomorrow’s future. Florence’s Historic Centre is named one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites for its extraordinary Renaissance architecture and art galleries.


Approvals on an ongoing basis until 15-Feb : Fall
Approvals on an ongoing basis until 1-Oct: Spring


  • Minimum GPA 3.0
  • Matriculation in a Bachelor's degree or Associate's degree (for photography students only) programs
  • Photography students must obtain academic advisement and the approval of the Department Chairperson. AAS students are eligible during their 3rd semester.  BFA students are eligible during their 5th, 6th or 7th semesters.
  • Interior Design students must obtain academic advisement and the approval of the Department Chairperson. Students are eligible during their 6th semester.

Course Information 

A full-time semester credit load consists of 12-18 credits and generally aligns with FIT’s academic credit system. As FUA is not an exchange program, any online FIT courses will be charged at the applicable per-credit hour tuition rate in addition to the FUA tuition.

FUA Academic Catalog

Interior Design and Photography Course Information:

Students will take a full course load of approved major area and related area courses that align with their semester of study and have been approved by their department. Students will be able to choose from a short-list of liberal arts courses with the department's approval of the course equivalents.

Academic Calendar

A detailed Academic Calendar can be viewed on the FUA website.

Students are generally expected to arrive the day before orientation begins.


Students are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements for the duration of their stay. FUA offers the following housing options for students: shared apartments or family homestays.


Study Visa

Students will be required to apply for an  Italian Study Visa  for the duration of their study in Italy. Students are encouraged to carefully review the Italian Study Visa requirements. Supporting documentation will be provided after approval.

 Health & Wellness

Health Insurance

FIT requires all students to be covered in the U.S. and internationally for the duration of their study abroad program. Two types of coverage are required:

1. FIT requires students to be covered abroad for the duration of their program. This policy is mandatory, therefore students cannot waive it.

  • Coverage abroad: UHC Study Abroad Insurance
    *Students will be enrolled and account will be billed before start of program. More detailed information about coverage and claims processes will be provided post-approval. 

2. FIT requires students to be covered in the U.S. for the duration of their program. Students may waive the Haylor insurance using the standard waiver process if they already have a U.S. based insurance policy with equal or better coverage.


Maintaining the health and well-being of FUA students is a priority. The  Student Life Office offers health and wellness support to all FUA students. 

Program Budget 

FUA Financial Budget Sheet

A copy of this form may be brought to Financial Aid Services so that a careful review of your program costs may be completed by an assigned financial aid counselor.


See the Scholarships & Financial Aid page.

Application, Instructions and Preparations

How to apply