Learn a language. Discover a culture. Expand your world.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” —Ludwig Wittgenstein

Where Minors Are Major

In a world where your diversity of experience will help you get ahead, completing a minor (or two) in a language or cultural area can help you solve problems from a unique perspective. We also offer single courses as electives.



Dive into a world of elegance, sophistication, and culture; learn about the rich literary, artistic, historical, and cultural traditions of the French-speaking world, including the global fashion hub, Paris.


French and Francophone Studies

From Paris to Dakar, from Port-au-Prince to Montreal: there are more than fifty countries around the world whose main language is French. Learn about the complex history of the French-speaking world while gaining an understanding and appreciation of the rich and diverse cultural traditions of global Francophone cultures.



Immerse yourself in the rich Italian language and culture and experience one of the most vibrant European countries: from the Roman Empire to the Renaissance to the worlds of fashion, food, and film.



Enjoy the rich and diverse cultures of Spain and Latin America through film, literature, theater, and music in the original language, spoken by 400 million people. Open doors to countless professional opportunities.


Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. In a global economy that knows no borders, Mandarin Chinese is an invaluable asset to communicate to its speakers and to learn about Chinese traditions.



From anime to origami, bonsai to sushi, karaoke to manga, Japanese culture is everywhere. A knowledge of the language will set you apart and give you direct access to both the rich traditions and popular culture of Japan.


Italian Studies

From film and literature to art and design—and, of course, food—explore Italian culture and history.


Latin American Studies

Cinema, dance, literature, and history. Gain a greater understanding of the breadth and richness of Latin American culture.


Other Courses

Start learning a new language, explore the art of diverse cultures and eras, or delve into world history to fill an elective.

Diverse Studies for a Diverse World

We live in a big world. With lots of places and cultures to explore. So take it all in.
If you want to be a part of a diverse and changing world that extends well beyond your borders, look no further.
The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures offers courses and minors in many languages, literatures, and cultures.


Become an engaged global citizen and learn to contribute to a diverse and changing world through the study of languages, world literatures, and cultures. Develop your ability to understand and communicate in a chosen language at every level in culturally appropriate ways. Take a variety of culture courses (taught in English) on topics ranging from cinema to food to fashion, not to mention literature and art. Enter the global workforce equipped with the knowledge, confidence, and communication skills needed for success in an interdependent world.

Additionally, you can take a variety of culture courses (taught in English) on topics ranging from cinema to food to fashion, not to mention literature and art.

Courses—from introductory through advanced levels—are offered through the department:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Courses in world literature, cinema, and cultural studies are also offered through the department.

If you are interested in pursuing one of our minors, consult with the Academic Advisement Center.  

study abroadStudy Abroad Courses

While we offer numerous language and culture courses right here in New York City, you may want to experience a different culture in person. The following courses are available through the department's total-immersion study abroad program:

  • French Conversation I — Paris (January and June)
  • Made in Italy: Italian Language Through Food, Fashion, and Film — Rome (January and June)
  • Japanese Conversation in Japan — Tokyo and Kyoto (June) 
  • Mandarin Chinese Conversation I — Shanghai (June)
  • Spanish Conversation I — Mexico City (January)
  • Spanish Conversation I — Santiago de Compostela, Spain (June)

For more information, visit Study Abroad .

Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Events

Our academic and cultural events are open to the entire FIT community. We present the work of individual fashion designers and contemporary film directors as well as music, dance, and poetry performances. Students have also participated—for almost 30 years—in our annual Foreign Language Poetry Recitation Competition before an enthusiastic audience.


Learn from the Best

Our Modern Languages and Cultures faculty are dedicated professionals and scholars—experts in their fields of study.




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