Web Publishing at FIT

Become a Web Editor

Members of the FIT community are welcome to help edit and maintain this website by following these steps:

  • Ask for and receive approval from your supervisor. Maintaining web content is an important responsibility and can be time consuming, depending on the pages for which you are responsible. 
  • Attend training: Web Publishing at FIT, Assets and Multimedia, Content Elements and Styles, and any other sessions as they are developed and scheduled. (see below)

Editors become the point of contact for and assume responsibility for all pages and/or directories to which they are assigned. This includes spelling, grammar, link integrity, photos, accessibility, and fact checking.

Editors should have access to and be able to use photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop.

All FIT web editors are required to follow our policies and practices, which should be reviewed on a regular basis:

» Accessibility at FIT  
» Web Content Policy
» Web Style Guide (located in the Omni CMS Training Documents folder, which is accessible to editors after successful completion of training)

You may not need a web editor assigned to your pages. See: Web Publishing Explainer

If you need a change made to a webpage and you don't have an assigned web editor, contact the web content coordinator: [email protected] 


The web content coordinator conducts regular training sessions for users. Access to make changes to the website is restricted to those individuals who have successfully completed the required training.

Intro to Web Publishing at FIT

This session introduces editors to FIT's content management system and gives an overview of our web and accessibility policies.

This session is required for all individuals who plan to edit pages on the FIT website; access to make changes is given only as part of this training.

This session is also the pre-requisite for all other more advanced sessions.

This training includes an introductory session via Google Meet, then self-guided coursework in Google Classroom. 

Summer 2024


Multimedia Elements and Assets

Expand your editing skills by learning how to work with Omni CMS assets to create reusable content, including photo galleries. Learn how to insert videos into your pages and ensure your images are responsive. Bonus: a deep dive into the FIT website navigation.

You must complete Web Publishing at FIT before registering for this course.

This training includes a session via Google Meet, then self-guided coursework in Google Classroom.

Summer 2024

This training session will not take place during the summer.

Content Elements and Styles

This session introduces editors to the content elements and styles available on the new version of our site that launched in November 2021.

This session is for advanced editors. To be eligible, you must have successfully completed Web Publishing at FIT and made regular updates (once a week or more) to the site for at least three months. 

This training takes place via Google Meet.

Summer 2024

This training session will not take place during the summer.