Style Shop

FIT Style Shop

The Merchandising Society, FIT's largest student club, operates our successful on-campus boutique, the Style Shop. Offering students, faculty, and alumni the opportunity to sell original creations on a consignment basis, the Style Shop also gives members valuable experience in buying, product development, marketing, finance, customer relations, customer service, management, visual merchandising, and sales.

Located in the heart of the fashion district at the Fashion Institute of Technology, The Style Shop was created by the Merchandising Society to provide students with “real world” retail experience. Students serve as buyers, managers, designers, retail sales associates, marketing, and other key industry roles. The shop curates designer, industry, home products, our store’s very own product development, and an assortment of must-have vintage products. Many of the products sold are designed and produced by FIT students, alumni, and faculty.  Shop online for products found in our retail stores as well as on-line exclusives. All products purchased on-line are to be picked up at our retail shop. While you are picking up your product, shop in our actual brick and mortar retail store, located in the Dubinsky Center at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Industry Team

Our Industry Team lives up to its name: They actually buy from the industries of NYC! Our student buyers utilize the wholesale vendors located around the fashion district. They also attend trade shows in order to find the most trendy fashion products at great prices! The industry team buys everything from jewelry to handbags to clothing and so much more!

Product Development Team

Product Development is known in fashion merchandising as the creative side of the business. The team pulls together ideas and makes them come to life. From t-shirts and hats to blankets and more, the Product Development team is there to meet the Style Shop’s every creative need.

Vintage Team

The Vintage Team travels around NYC searching for the most stylish pieces from past and present designers. They even take creativity into their own hands by making everything from t-shirts to jeans look like true one-of-a-kind pieces.

Designer Team

The Designer Team manages accounts within the FIT community. They buy merchandise made by students, faculty and alumni. Each piece they buy is unique and special, making the customer feel that they’ve made a fantastic purchase.